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  • The Gambler

    Reporters caught an elementary school superintendent stealing from one of the poorest school districts in Arizona. His actions were devastating to the community and the students that put their faith in him. Reporters discovered he took cash advances on the school district credit card and gambled at casinos. He also connected the school's utilities to the trailer he lived in behind the school along with a satellite dish. He was accused of sexual harassment by an employee where he once was a principal. And the school district hired him knowing he spent almost two years in a federal prison for drug smuggling.
  • Crossing the Line

    An investigation of sexual harassment charges at Ford Motor Co. factories in Chicago. Dateline found literally dozens of women at two plants who told them graphic stories of abuse. Dateline discovered that these factories organized regular "sex parties" with prostitutes, and they obtained a videotape of one such party. Dateline also discovered that some of the alleged harassers were men with criminal records for sexual abuse, and that Ford officials knew about these charges and even defended the men in court.
  • Sexual Harassment at Harvard Business School

    WBUR-FM "investigates allegations of sexual harassment at one of the nation's top business schools. It found Harvard Business School was unresponsive to repeated complaints by female students that they were being harassed by their male counterparts..."
  • The BOMEX Files

    The Phoenix New Times finds that Arizona's State Board of Medical Examiners, which regulates 14,000 doctors, rarely disciplines its own. BOMEX accumulated a backlog of nearly 1,000 complaints and took months and even years to deal with complaints against incompetent and dangerous physicians.
  • Don't Even Think About It

    New York Times Magazine examines the new battle zone in workplace sexual harassment: consensual relations between unequals. As human resource departments crack down on romance, the line between private life and work life is blurred.
  • Beauties and the beast

    D chronicles the rise and fall of Fort Worth Dallas Ballet artistic director Paul Mejia. While his arrival rejuvenated a flegling company, it also sparked allegations of sexual harassment, forcing his departure.
  • Cyber Sex

    Oliver Jovanovic was sentenced to 15 years to life for kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman he had met and coresponded with on the Internet. At the time of their e-mail correspondence, he was 30 and the college student was 20. They talked about snuff films and erotic sexual fantasies. After a sexual encounter, the woman claimed he sexually abused her. Although the woman had a questionable past and tendencies to lie, she was protected by the rape-shield law. Who was the victim?
  • What's bad enough to be bad enough?

    In the post-Paula Jones era, only one thing is clear: We still don't know where sexual harassment begins. The Washington Post Magazine searches for the boundaries that define harassment.
  • Sex and the Law

    Time discusses the Paula Jones/President Clinton scandal, explaining where the law stands on defining and punishing sexual harassment.
  • Abuse on the Line

    This story chronicles the accusations of sexual harassment from female employees of the Normal, Ill. Mitsubishi plant and the ensuing litigation.