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  • NewsChannel 5 Investigates: The Investigators

    This yearlong investigation – which produced more than 30 individual stories -- exposed a culture of arrogance inside the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, questioning whether Tennessee’s top law enforcement agency acted as if it were above the law, exposing deficiencies in how the state’s top cop is selected, and revealing serious issues about who investigates the investigators.
  • A Failure to Block: Tennessee's Lost War on Meth

    While Tennessee remains second in the nation for the number of meth labs, this investigation revealed a state system designed to block convicted meth offenders from buying cold medicines containing pseudoephedrine was broken, and that there were huge holes in the TBI’s Meth Offender Registry, a list of people who should be banned from such purchases. The stories led to immediate action by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and a rare admission by the agency that it had failed to follow the law. Among our findings was that 777 convicted meth offenders made more than 5,400 illegal purchases of pseudoephedrine last year. Despite strict laws requiring people to show their driver’s license when they buy the cold medicines, we found nearly one of every five people on the TBI’s Meth Offender Registry was still able to buy pseudoephedrine without using a fake ID.