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    Kansas City Times series looks at child abuse in Missouri and Kansas: why efforts by state agencies often fail to protect the children, what more can be done in communities to treat families and to prevent abuse.
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    Dallas Morning News reports neglect by Lone Star Gas Co. led to a series of natural gas-caused fires; government regulatory agencies failed to press the company to maintain its pipelines; consumers were paying for "lost" gas causing the explosions.
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    Wall Street Journal article shows how state banks and other regulatory agencies, charged with overseeing the nation's state-chartered financial institutions, are ill-equipped for the job because of under-funding, under-staffing and under-trained staff.
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    Commercial Appeal series finds government agencies charged with protecting workers from exposure to dangerous substances don't know when workers are exposed and are unable to force businesses to eliminate such exposures.
  • Unethical practices in private relief agencies

    Plain Dealer (Cleveland) investigation of private relief agencies in the United States finds unethical practices galore.
  • The inadequacies of state's response to and care of child abuse victims

    Milwaukee Sentinel runs series on the inadequacies of state's response to and care of child abuse victims.
  • Organized crime in Boston-area banks

    Boston looks at organized crime in Boston-area banks. (Supplements: Image problems at the Bank of Boston caused by handling mob money; disagreement among federal bank regulating agencies; bibliography.)