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  • Flying Haz Mat

    "KIRO TV takes an in-depth look inside the Air Cargo industry. Hazardous, explosive materials are routinely mishandled and pilots often fly their jets despite serious mechanical problems. This investigation documents how sloppy loading, secret chemical cargo, sleeping pilots and an aging fleet of jets puts the public in danger."
  • Taking Off With Your Money

    An NBC 6/WTVJ-TV investigation examines potential waste of public money which Miami International Airport has given over three years to the Latin Chamber of Commerce, known by the acronym CAMACOL The story reveals that "to pay for its annual hemispheric trade conference, the county [Dade] has given CAMACOL nearly a million and a half dollars" taken from a fund meant to promote the airport. The investigation discovers that CAMACOL "could not justify how it directly benefits the airport," and sheds light on the Latin chamber's significant political clout and close relationships with "politicians like Miami-Dade mayor Alex Penelas." The report details "serious questions raised by auditors and other government officials about how CAMACOL had spent the money."
  • WNEM 5 Investigates Flint Air Show

    A WNEM-TV series reveals how a man with fake credentials, William "Mickey" Traylor, has "raised thousands of dollars" through "an air show for underprivileged kids." The stories depict a fraud scheme, in which "nobody knows where the money went, because everything for the air show is donated." The investigation finds that Traylor has lied about being a retired military pilot and a former employee of Southwest Airlines, and the local airport management has failed to check his background.
  • Could 100 Witnesses Have Been Mistaken?: Questions Linger over TWA Flight 800 Disaster Four Years Later

    "This story offers a fresh reconsideration of the U.S. government's reasoning for dismissing the theory that a missile strike brought down TWA Flight 800 killing 230 people in light of newly emerged accounts of what witnesses saw."
  • Deadbird

    "The story examined several factors- political pressures, mismanagement, wrongdoing, and a lack of government oversight- behind the poor performance of a private company, Redbird Development Corp., that managed facilities at a city-owned general aviation airport in Dallas. It found that racial politics played a role in the award of a major city contract to a company run by a man who at the time was in personal bankruptcy. It showed how lower-level city officials documented years of poor performance by the company, reports that were ignored at upper levels of city government. It also probed allegations of corruption and the company's tangled corporate history, and proved that a man with a history of bank embezzlement and fraud owned at least a minority stake in the business and had tremendous influence over its affairs. It suggested- but could not prove beyond question- that he was the majority owner."
  • The Insider

    According to Alaska Airlines lead mechanic John Liotine, for "more than two years before the crash of Flight 261, (he) had inspected the part that investigators now believe caused the crash." Liotine considered the part worn and wanted it replaced, but the airlines failed to heed his recommendation. Liotine also launched a grand jury investigation alleging maintenance work reports were falsified.
  • Rating America's Airports

    "Air travelers resigned to suffering may be surprised to discover that they have alternatives to long lines, long treks, and long delays at big, traffic-chocked airports. But in major metropolitan areas from Boston to Miami ... some two dozen smaller airports are now competing for customers by offering lower fares, greater convenience, and more amenities. Our report helps consumers take advantage of their new airport options and shows that, by shopping wisely for the best deals in price, time, and convenience, they'll not only gain more control over their total travel experience, but they'll better protect the rest and relaxation value of their vacation.
  • Tampa International Airport; Deals or Steals

    This article reveals "how the Tampa International Airport's dealings with local businesses could affect ticket prices and the quality of airport services. Last year, Dave Simanoff and Doug Stanley began investigating a long-standing airport lease to a private developer and learned that the lease could cheat flyers out of nearly half a billion in airport revenue..."
  • Passengers at risk: How safe is that airline flight?

    This series of articles revealed that "airlines flew tens of thousands of flights during the past 15 years that didn't meet federal safely regulations .. and airplane emergencies are not as rare as government and airline officials says they are."
  • Swissair 111, TWA 800 and Electromagnetic Interference

    This article examines the process by which airplane crashes are investigated. Included in this article are transcripts of radio contact between Swissair 111 and Boston area air controllers.