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    Christian Science Monitor's three-part series reports that while air traffic is steadily increasing, a continuing shortage of experienced air-traffic controllers threatens air safety; the Federal Aviation Administration plans to allow an increase in the number of commercial airplanes, June 3, 1987.
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    Wall Street Journal scrutinizes pilot-certification by the Federal Aviation Administration, Oct. 23, 1990.
  • Pan Am 103 Investigation

    ABC PrimeTime Live reports on the terrorist activities and sloppy airport security that culminated in the bombing of Pan American flight 103.
  • Airport Security

    WFLA found holes in Federal Aviation Association (FAA) safety that make a terrorists job easy. Some pilots say the security procedures are a sham.
  • Wired for Disaster

    Fort Worth Star-Telegram uses government and military records to detail how a widely used type of wiring insulation sometimes explodes in flight; documents numerous fires caused by Kapton insulation, one leading to a plane crash, July 24 - 26, 1988.
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    The Oregonian (Portland) documents the connection between the CIA and an Oregon-based airline; details how Evergreen International Aviation has flown weapons and anti-terrorist teams for the Defense Department, and also works with the postal service, Aug. 14 - 22, 1988.
  • Pilot Drug Abuse

    KMSP-TV (Minneapolis) report looks at substance abuse by commercial and private pilots, finding NTSB records show alcohol is a factor in 10 percent of general aviation crashes; finds flaws in FAA rules that allow pilots with long records of driving under the influence to continue flying airplanes.
  • Anatomy of an air crash: The final flight of 50 Sierra Kilo

    Dallas Morning News reporter gets access to National Transportation and Safety Board and follows its investigative process as officials worked to determine the cause of the crash of a private jet that went down in a 1986 thunderstorm, Feb. 7, 1988.
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    Dallas Morning News finds that not only is the FAA stretched to its limits by the proliferation of airlines, but it also may give preferential treatment in enforcement of safety laws, specifically toward Continental Airlines, Feb. 23-24, 1986.
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    Orange County (Calif.) Register finds serious problems with the southern California air-traffic system; radar and computers used are antiquated and suffer chronic breakdowns; air traffic has increased significantly since 1981 but there are fewer air-traffic controllers; the FAA has ignored crucial safety measures; billions of dollars earmarked for air safety remain unspent, Oct. 19-23, 1986.