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  • A Question of Security

    The "investigation discovered allegations of overfilling and security gaps at three major facilities in South Florida- the Miami Metrorail system and the Juvenile Assessment Center and a major hospital. All have contacts with Wackenhut, one of the largest security companies in America. The publicly funded contracts involve millions of dollars. Not only did we observe unfilled posts first-hand, but guards, former guards and supervisors went public detailing a pattern of fraud."
  • Off to Work We Go?

    KTRK-TV investigated the "work habits and use of campaign contributions by one of the state's most powerful public officials, Harris County Commissioner Jerry Eversole." They uncovered evidence that Eversole was "rarely working, and misusing campaign funds for personal use."
  • Indentured Doctors

    Throughout the United States foreign doctors are being cheated out of wages, coerced into unfair contracts and being kept away from medically needy patients because their bosses are the ones sponsoring their visas. They work for medical residency and are allowed to live in cities and rural areas with shortage of physicians so long as they work full-time. The program was started by the government, but since its creation there has been little oversight to the abuse of the doctors.
  • Behind the Politics of Alabama's Community Colleges

    "Alabama legislators received jobs and contracts from the state's two-year colleges, often for work that included their legislative duties. it's not clear from system records what lawmakers did for the money the received from the colleges, and in some cases system officials could not determine if any work was performed."
  • Tollway Junket

    "The North Texas Tollway Authority, a public entity, sent 5 representatives on an all-expenses paid trip to Vienna, Austria to attend the International Bridge, Tunnel and Tollway Association's annual meeting. The trip cost tollway users more than $42,000 dollars and our hidden cameras revealed some representatives dining on five star meals, catered by companies with multi-million dollar construction contracts."
  • Wayne Barrett on Rudy Giuliani

    Reporter Wayne Barrett rocked the Rudy Giuliani presidential campaign by showing that the "9/11 Candidate" was actually tied politically to the terrorist Khalid Sheik Muhammad (KSM), the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attack. Giuliani was obtaining security contracts through the Minister of Interior in Qatar, a man named Abdallah bin Khalid, who is known to have harbored KSM and even tipped him about an FBI raid so he could escape.
  • The Business of War

    "The first ever in-depth analysis of Canadian government contracts with private companies in the war on terrorism in Afghanistan."
  • Pleasantville

    Contractors that were doing business with or seeking contracts from the Pleasantville, N.J. school board were found to be giving funds to the school board officials. The members received campaign funding, personal jobs and cash from the contractors, and it was so bad that the FBI became involved in the bribery case.
  • Tow Hold

    The Cactus Towing company was found to be connected with elected officials in order to keep the company going by using political contributions and lobbying. The company had reportedly been over charging its customers and continued to win city contracts to keep in business.
  • Under the Influence

    This story was the "first in-depth television piece done looking into the 2003 Medicare bill." The investigation researched congressmen who received lucrative employment contracts in the pharmaceutical industry, "why prescription drug costs are the highest in the United States, and why it's illegal to import cheaper drugs from Canada or Mexico."