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  • Plagued By Debt

    An examination of federal data shows that in 2004, "people in rural areas were much likelier to sign mortgages with high interest rates, generally above 5 percent for a conventional loan at the time." These high-rate mortgages have led to a rise in foreclosures and bankruptcy for some families.
  • Debtors' Hell

    Examining a "system stacked in favor of collectors," the Globe discusses the side effects of the increase in consumer debt in Massachusetts and the nation. Among the findings is that "the legal system has been overwhelmed by collectors pursuing debtors through all manner of hard-edged tactics."
  • BCTI Investigation

    The Business Computer Training Institute has left behind many taxpayer-backed debts and unsatisfied customers. There are holes in the training school that expose the for-profit higher education.
  • On Shaky Ground

    Investors in Baltimore are using ground rents to seize homes and extract fees from property owners. Minor debts turned large during lawsuits, some even filed against departed property owners instead of their heirs.
  • Allerca

    Allerca is a biotechnology firm in San Diego, which claimed to have engineered the world's first hypoallergenic cats. Though the cats recieved a lot of media attention, this investigation was the first to take a hard look at the company and its founder, Simon Brodie. The investigation uncovered a string of debts, umpaid employees, court judgements, and a fraudulent and illegal fake charity website.
  • Green With Envy: Why Keeping UP With The Joneses is Keeping Us in Debt

    Author Shira Boss investigates the effect of money on our society and on the way we live. A major point is that some who put on a show of being well-to-do are actually struggling behind the scenes. She examines situations including a family living in a gated community yet racking up credit-card debt, a politician who has to sleep on a cot, and a 50-something baby boomer who's peers are set, but who has kids in college and no retirement fund. Boss also uses statistics from economics, psychology, sociology and cultural anthropology to show that sometimes keeping up appearances can be reckless financially.
  • A Matter of Life and Debt

    This article discusses how a record number of people in the Akron-Canton, Ohio area are filing for bankruptcy due to the state's poor economic condition.
  • Philadelphia City Councilman Indicted in federal bribery investigation

    Philadelphia councilman Rick Mariano was accused of having a company in his district pay $23,455 of his credit card debt in 2002, with two of the three checks laundered by other companies in his district. He is also accused of having another company pay $5,400 of his gym dues. Federal prosecutors said Mariano, in turn, provided help with city services and agencies to businessmen who paid his bills.
  • School's pursuit of profit leaves students behind

    This series is centered on the business of for-profit education. The first of two main articles took a broad look at the issue, and at Leigh Valley College in particular. The second focused on the school's financial impact on students. It examined the relationship between the country's no.2 education company, Career Education Corp, and the country's no.1 student loan provider, Sallie Mae. The article concluded that LVC is setting students up for a spiral of debt. Subsequent articles followed the impact of the first two.
  • Living Tax Free

    A comprehensive look at delinquent taxpayers in Indiana. This story looks into individuals and businesses that owe the state back taxes. Some individual debtors were found living luxuriously in Florida, and some businesses were found operating in the same locations under changed names.