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    Spokesman Review/Chronicle (Spokane) chronicles how one man allegedly cheated people through real estate and business investments; found he made acquisitions with little or no money down, then failed to make payments on debts or mortgages, July 17 - Nov. 22, 1988.
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    Los Angeles Times tells of the nationwide problem of unscrupulous vocational school operators who saddle hopeful students with big debts, often leaving the federal government with noncollectable guaranteed student loans; finds lax accrediting standards, schools sometimes shut down and keep the money, June 16-17, 1988.

    WRC-TV (Washington) reports on a D.C. televangelist who is deeply in debt though he drives luxury cars and plans to buy mansions; also exposes his dirty business dealings against his creditors, Oct. 29-30, 1987.
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    Bucks County Courier Times checks into allegations of gambling by local judge; finds she used position to help friends, was deep in debt from gambling and had her car repossessed, 1987.
  • Anatomy of a failure: How N.D. potato sale to Honduras went sour

    Grand Forks (N.D.) Herald finds the middleman in a state deal to export potatoes to Honduras had a long record of bad debts and deliberately misused state financial documents to cheat the state out of money; state officials circumvented state procedures to obtain financing for the deal.
  • The Robert Strauss Story

    WTSP-TV (St. Petersburg) stories follow a trail of unsuccessful housing developments, bad debts, and failed businesses to a corporation headed by a man who served time for doing the same thing in another state.
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    Newsday (Long Island, N.Y.) reports on the crumbling empire of real estate magnate William J. Levitt; once famous for his developments, he ends his career beseiged by debts, lawsuits and construction problems, Feb. 16-Oct. 10, 1986.
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    Daily Camera looks into the record of a developer who controls a Boulder County ski resort, finding a trail of unfinished projects buried under heavy debts and threats of legal actions, June 1, 1981.
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    Waukesha County (Wis.) Freeman reveals a network of fraudulent cemetery mausoleum space salesmen operating freely in the state under the protection of the attorney general, who was a business partner and debtor of one of the key operators, April 21-Oct. 14, 1986.
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    Detroit News uncovers a scam where hustlers faked financial backgrounds to qualify poor people for mortgages, saddling banks with debts they could not collect and buyers with houses they could not afford, Oct. 5-Dec. 20, 1986.