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    Charlotte Observer article profiles a popular North Carolina state legislator with a questionable background; reporters use public records to find the man had various personal and government debts as well as business links to a known drug smuggler, April 1, 1984.
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    Anchorage Times series exposes a financial empire and massive debt when the Arctic government's quest to complete a $1.7 billion construction deal resulted not in modernization for Eskimos but in a blow to their economy, April and July 1983.
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    Wall Street Journal reports on severe financial problems at the Federal Farm Credit System, the nation's largest single holder of farm debt, which is seeking federal support, Sept. 4, 1985.
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    Courier-Journal (Louisville) publishes series on the troubled farm credit system; examines reasons why farmers are debt-ridden; finds abuses in the Farm Credit Administration and the federally supervised Farm Credit System, August 1982.
  • International Debt Crisis

    Wall Street Journal special section takes in-depth look at international debt crisis.
  • Criminals in the Witness Protection Program

    Threepenny Review examines the Federal Witness Protection Program (also called the Witness Security Program); finds the program allows the protected witnesses to avoid debts and to avoid punishment for their own crimes.
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    Washington Times reports on a District of Columbia councilman who owed $500,000 in delinquent taxes; the councilman allegedly mishandled properties for the department of Housing and Urban Development by using a multi-million dollar city loan to develop the property and pay off his debts.
  • Legal Time Bomb: Big Accounting Firms Risk Costly Lawsuits by Reassuring Lenders

    Wall Street Journal article says big accounting firms are setting themselves up for trouble by writing "solvency letters"--a reassurance to lenders that a company taking on debt will remain solvent; it's a service provided for a fee but not based on an audit of a firm's finances.
  • Tycoon of the Tenderloin

    San Francisco Magazine publishes Center for Investigative Reporting article on worldwide real estate empire of German landlord Guenter Kaussen, whose buildings in San Francisco were operating deeply in debt.
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    Pottsville (Pa.) Republican issues reprint of thorough investigation into the fiscal chaos, mismanagement, manipulation and theft that allowed Schulkill County to run up a tremendous debt in the 1970's and early 1980's.