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  • The Disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi

    CNN was across the mysterious disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi with its Istanbul team the day the Saudi journalist vanished. As the mystery deepened and Saudi Arabia continued to insist that Khashoggi had left the consulate, CNN worked the story from Istanbul, Ankara, Riyadh, London and Washington. Crucially CNN broke a number of stories in the developing mystery which shed light on what really happened and Saudi Arabia’s role.
  • Green Going Gone: The Tragic Deforestation of the Chaco

    This corporate accountability story combined original satellite analysis with traditional on-the-ground investigative reporting to examine links between deforestation and the world’s largest agricultural commodities traders: The U.S.-based Cargill, Bunge and ADM. The story paid special attention to Cargill, North America’s largest private corporation and the commodities trader that has spent millions on its corporate sustainability program and aggressively promotes itself as a nature conservationist. Reported from Paraguay, the story compared the Big Ag traders’ soybean export operations in Paraguay with those in Brazil, where the three companies have won praise for upholding the Soy Moratorium, a voluntary ban on expanding the Amazon’s soybean frontier. The Moratorium is widely credited with slowing rainforest clearing in Brazil over the last eight years. In neighboring Paraguay during roughly the same timeframe, however, the country’s soybean cropland has expanded by nearly one-third with an additional 2.5 million acres brought into cultivation. This rapid expansion has set off a land rush that is, among other things, propelling the rapid disappearance of South America’s second most bio-diverse forests, the Gran Chaco.
  • Missing State Equipment And The Case Of The $1350 Pillow

    Many of the computers, electronics and pieces of furniture used by Connecticut state employees go missing or stolen. We found flaws in the state's inventory process, in which the state admitted that its property tracking system needed to be more consistent. The investigation spawned a follow up that solved the mystery behind the seemingly outrageous cost and disappearance of a pillow. It also shed light on just how much taxpayer money is paid for the chairs of the state's Governor and Lt. Governor.
  • Serial Secrets: Catching a Killer

    "Serial Secrets: Catching a Killer" chronicles a Vermont police investigation into the mysterious disappearance of a suburban couple. Bill and Lorraine Currier were abducted from their Vermont home and brutally murdered by a serial killer. He would evade authorities for more than year. In that time, he would kill again. My coverage was the first to reveal his identity and how dangerous he really was. Despite being stonewalled at every turn, I was able to bring viewers exclusive reports that eventually sparked debate about the use of unnamed sources and the public's right to know details about an ongoing criminal case. The FBI has since revealed that Israel Keyes planned his murders years in advance, burying "kill kits" across the country. He confessed to murdering at least eight victims over the past decade before committing suicide in December. The details of his kills still haunt Vermonters today.
  • Truthout on the Border

    The true intent of United States Foreign Policy in regards to the war on drugs in Mexico and Latin America is hidden behind many pantallas (screens in Spanish). In ten installments, posted in the first half of 2012, the Truthout on the Mexican Border series exposed the unofficial intentions of the US war on drugs in Latin America and its deadly impact. By connecting the dots in ten successively posted articles, the war on drugs appears to be a screen behind which goals of US military and economic hegemony can more easily be achieved in Latin American nations. Many Mexicans know that when it comes to corruption, drugs and crime in their nation, las pantallas usually prevent them from knowing the truth. The same is true of the US war on drugs, which has resulted in deaths and disappearances that are estimated to reach between 60,000 – 120,000 in the six year rule of Mexican President Felipe Calderón (ending on November 30, 2012). Truthout regularly covers US foreign policy and its impact in Latin America. The Truthout on the Mexican Border series was written to create a comprehensive understanding of what is behind the diplomatic and political screens – weaving in such seemingly diverse topics as US immigration and gun policies to understand the dark underside of US hemispheric intentions in Mexico and Latin America.
  • Zina Linnick

    The News Tribune re-examined the Tacoma Police Department's reasons for delaying the issuance of an Amber Alert in the disappearance of a 12-year-old girl later found dead and learned that department officials, including the chief of police and department spokesman, lied to the public about what happened.
  • The Stolen Child

    This is a story of the disappearance of Misty Copsey; currently it remains a cold-case left unsolved. A fall afternoon in 1992, the day Misty never came home from the county fair. This series sheds “new light on an investigation plagued by police blunders”. It also “uncovered the malignant impact of an intrusive bystander’s obsession and exposed the foibles of small-town cops whose missteps and misstatements went unchallenged for two decades”.
  • Vanishing Act

    “Nine-year-old Christian Ferguson went missing one summer morning in 2003 while in the custody of his father”. At first the story received a great deal of coverage, but as the years passed only a few stories covered the disappearance. Further, the public hadn’t heard the account from the police and that they had a suspect in custody, until now.
  • Fugitive in the Philippines

    The story investigates an “unsolved disappearance and murder of a little boy and two mothers”. It is believed the serial killer is hiding in Southeast Asia, which is where the investigation led and even brought them to the suspect. He was the last known person to see the victims alive and detectives believe the” interview has helped them gather additional information”.
  • Harvest of Women: Safari in Mexico

    "Investigation into the disappearances and deaths of girls and women in the border city of Juarez, Mexico, which were documented from 1993-2005. The investigation sought to identify those responsible for the crime spree that attracted international attention. Te book reveals the corruption that made it possible for the crimes to continue with impunity."