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    Akron Beacon Journal reprint examines the oil and gas drilling industry in Ohio; topics include impact of the industry on environment and the state's economy, political influence of industry with regulators and lawmakers, September 1983.
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    Corporate Report examines the quick demise of Northern Airlines, which flew from Minneapolis to several South Dakota cities; shoddy performance and management, the Civil Aeronautics Board, weather, the economy and the airline's president can all be blamed, July 1982.
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    Gannett News Service studies the Midwest's economy in decline; looks at the collapse of the region's economy, the political quick-fix attitude, and the region's efforts to cope with the change, December 1982.
  • Illegal immigrants and their impact on local economy

    Midland (Texas) Reporter-Telegram series gives overview of illegal immigrants and their impact on local economy.
  • Feeding on the Hungry

    Philadelphia Inquirer reprint, titled "Feeding on the Hungry," deals with problems of relief effort to East Africa; half of relief food is stolen before it gets to the hungry; Somali government uses its hungry people to fatten its economy; aid is creating long-term dependence.
  • Minnesota's economy and economic outlook

    Minneapolis Star and Tribune publishes comprehensive overview of Minnesota's economy and economic outlook.