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    Indianapolis News series looks at 3M Corp. and how it received sweetheart deals from Indiana officials for its reflective tape and paint after being generous with entertainment dollars; reporters find other companies produced the same materials for less but were excluded from the bidding process, March 4-7, 1986.
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    Common Cause Magazine runs article on how businesses write off luxury entertainment expenses to the U.S. taxpayer, May/June 1985.
  • Showtime

    WISN-TV (Milwaukee) airs stories on problems with a firm that, for a fee, promotes entertainment shows for charity groups: shady backgrounds of the promoters, bills left unpaid, 1980.
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    Columbia Daily Tribune runs series on mushrooming administrative costs of a county hospital due to excessive travel and entertainment charges by administrators; series led to resignation of some hospital administrators, Dec. 16 - 20, 1984.
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    San Francisco Sunday Examiner and Chronicle looks at the "yakuza," the Japanese equivalent of the Mafia, which controls much of the entertainment and construction industries in Japan, plus tourism, gun smuggling and drugs in Hawaii and Los Angeles; now the group is staking out territory in San Francisco, Dec. 5, 1982.
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    UPI and Better Government Association does 10 - part series, "American Royalty," on government officials and agencies living high on the hog at taxpayer expense; topics include congressional overseas travel abuses, unauthorized use of military transport and the Pentagon supplying free travel and expensive entertainment to its congressional watchdogs, February 1982.
  • Weak Regulation of Kentucky Clubs and Bars

    Kentucky Post (Covington) looks at adult entertainment clubs and finds prostitution, criminal ties and weak regulation.
  • The Hermann Hospital Estate

    Houston Post uncovers a hospital established for the poor but used by others for their own gain: assets were squandered on luxuries for employees and trustees, while less than three percent of the hospital's revenue went to charity care; series details officials' insider and sweetheart deals, kickbacks, gambling trips and the use of estate property for personal entertainment.
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    Anniston Star series examines illegal use of university reserve funds to pay for cars and entertainment for university officials, and the lobbying efforts of the university alumni.
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    Florida Times-Union and Jacksonville Journal investigation of a community college reveals spending irregularities on entertainment and travel; finds a questionable international education program.