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  • Arizona Daily Star: Evictions

    Reporter Emily Bregel spent seven months investigating the problem of evictions and lack of affordable housing in Pima County, Arizona. The series ran in print over three days and highlighted the chaotic fall-out following an eviction, the reasons why experts said evictions were about to surge in Pima County and the City of Tucson, as well as the failures in the justice court system that deals with eviction cases. The online story also featured an introductory video created by Emily Bregel and video editor Nick Murray, an interactive map of evictions, audio clips from relevant eviction hears and multiple graphics.
  • Where Have All the Lawyers Gone?

    “Where Have All the Lawyers Gone?” identifies the shortage of affordable and pro bono legal services in Santa Barbara County and the impact that shortage has on society’s most vulnerable segments such as the homeless and working poor, especially in dealing with civil rights abuses, law enforcement issues, domestic violence, evictions and other legal issues that compound into bigger problems without accessible legal help. The story found that only about one-third of the legal needs of the county’s poor (14 percent of the county’s population lives under the poverty line) were being met. Although the California State Bar recommends that firms provide 50 hours of pro bono work a year, lawyers in the area admitted “there’s never been a culture of pro bono” in the area, and the firms that do participate are more likely to work with non-profits than poor individuals. An investigation revealed a glaring deficit in pro bono and affordable legal care in a town with more than its fair share of nonprofits and foundations dedicated to social issue
  • Subsidizing Failure

    The Tribune analyzed inspection records of housing units rented to recipients of Section 8 housing vouchers and found widespread failure. They discovered that 6,000 Chicago landlords who receive Section 8 funds failed the majority of inspections of their properties. These violations led to thousands of evictions of tenants who were not responsible for the substandard conditions of their apartments.
  • Flow of federal cash fed housing scheme. Investigation: Section 8 rent subsidies fuel questionable sales to investors, and poor tenants are left in limbo.

    According to the author, "A mortgage broker manipulated a federal housing program meant for the poor to lure investors into a get rich quick scam that left a trail of bankruptcy and evictions." This story is a result of the reporter's eight month investigation. The article also includes a computer-generated map.
  • CHA Tenant Evictions Jump As Buildings Fall

    An investigation by the Chicago Reporter shows that the Chicago Housing Authority is stepping up evictions in buildings it has targeted for redevelopment --a move that reduces the number of public housing tenants the agency must provide with replacement housing.
  • The economic cleansing of San Francisco

    This special anniversary edition asks if San Francisco is becoming the first fully gentrified city in America. There are reports on housing costs, chain stores, homelessness, and evictions in "hot" neighborhoods.
  • Crashing in Cars

    The relationship between police and 'vehicularly housed residents' in San Francisco has improved in recent months but conflicts and evictions are still a problem. A coalition has proposed to build a permanent site for vehicular residents.
  • (Untitled)

    The Village Voice profiles a judge in New York who was caught offering bribes to landlords in the city. Those landlords who appeared in his courtroom were given business cards of the judge's associates who arranged to have their cases fixed. The Manhattan DA's office had a sting operation that involved one of the judge's cohorts; Judge Arthur Scott was finally arrested, Dec. 20, 1994.
  • (Untitled)

    New York magazine reports on student unrest at Columbia University in conflicts over evictions of long-time tenants from university-owned buildings, May 18, 1987.