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  • Incapacitated: Florida's Guardianship Program

    The ABC Action News I-Team took an in-depth look at issues surrounding Florida’s court-ordered guardianship program. Once people are determined to be incapacitated by the court, they are stripped of their rights (including those to vote, to marry, to have a job, to drive, to choose their place of residence, to make gifts, to manage finances and to choose their health care providers). Guardians can bill their wards up to $70 an hour for performing routine tasks like opening mail, banking and paying them visits. There is no limit on the number of wards a guardian can be assigned. We found cases in which guardians were appointed dozens of wards at one time. We also discovered a lack of systemic oversight and a system that allowed abuse. Families of wards reported valuable items like jewelry and antiques often went missing. Records showed wards were often frequently moved from one assisted living home to another without their families being notified. Their homes, personal property and vehicles were often sold for a small percentage of their actual worth, and then resold by the guardians’ friends who purchased these items for huge profits.
  • Millions Owed in Unpaid Traffic Tickets

    The City of Lubbock is owed more than $1.4 million in unpaid traffic fines that have been issued over the past five years. Our investigation discovered that many offenders have multiple unpaid tickets and have warrants out for their arrest. We caught up with one of the top five offenders, who told us he is repeatedly pulled over by police but never taken to jail, despite his outstanding warrants.
  • Earthly Concerns: The Catholic Church in America

    This article is the first time ever that the finances of the American Roman Catholic Church, including all dioceses and institutions, have been independently modeled, evaluated and presented to the public.
  • Exclusive: SPJ New York Journalism Deadline Club failed to file IRS, NY State forms for many years

    iMediaEthics is a small, not-for-profit, non-partisan international media ethics news site. Our investigation into the New York chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists required significant resources from our small team as we sought information about the club's finances with little cooperation from the subjects of our story. Through dozens of interviews, hundreds of hours of research, FOIA requests and persistence over months of reporting, we discovered improper bookkeeping practices and the non-compliance of annual IRS filings of the club and the foundation. Our investigation led to the club's national headquarters to alert and better monitor all clubs’ finances, not just the Deadline Club in the New York City area, to make sure they file their IRS tax forms annually to not lose their non-profit status.
  • Leadership problems at Florida State College at Jacksonville

    Through public records requests, we forced the release of several documents Florida State College at Jacksonville sought to withhold: the wrongdoing investigation of a top executive who was also a VP at a college in New Jersey, and the five-figure bonuses given annually to most of the college's top brass. We also used Florida's public records laws to get expense reports and emails that showed little oversight on spending and infighting among board members divided over what action to take. Board members for the most part had little public discussion about their votes. Our reporting on the expenses, possible Sunshine violations and problems in the college's awarding of financial aid led to two state investigations into the college's foundation spending and overall finances.
  • Leadership problems at Florida State College at Jacksonville

    What started as a look at problems in the financial aid department led to a widespread review of college operational issues and spending that angered taxpayers and frustrated students. Through several months of reviewing records and rooting out sources, we found that the college had almost no controls on the president's spending and the board offered little oversight. We learned that this was common throughout the state after we reviewed all presidential contracts in Florida - and found lots of big-money perks. Our stories prompted two consulting reviews by the college and two statewide investigations, one from the inspector general into the president's spending and a second from the Florida College System into FSCJ's finances. The president and two other top-level leaders left the college, and reforms are expected from the Legislature this year.
  • Cheated: Why Lakewood's public schools have failed and how we can fix them

    An investigation into the financial, educational and moral corruption of the Lakewood, NJ, School District, which resulted in significant changes in leadership and government probes of its finances.
  • Capitol Assets

    For decades, a deeply flawed financial disclosure system on Capitol Hill enabled this nation’s lawmakers to conceal how their congressional work intersects with their personal financial interests. Until now. In an unprecedented examination of the finances of all 535 members of Congress, The Washington Post uncovered the connections and conflicts between the public and private lives of the nation’s lawmakers.
  • Debt-uty crisis

    The four-day series detailed the controversial origins of the Knox County Sheriff's Office Pension Plan -- called the Uniformed Officers Pension Plan, UOPP -- and the ramifications its approval had on county finances. The series looked at how the plan was sold to the public on lies and bad information.
  • Render Unto Rome

    This book investigates the Catholic Church's finances and breaks new ground on several fronts including fiscal mismanagement, embezzlement and abuse.