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  • I'm waiting for a jet plane

    U.S. News & World Reports outlines the status of the nation's air system. The magazine's investigation attempts to explain why so many flights are cancelled and/or delayed. U.S. News reveals that an aging air transportation infrastructure is just one of the reasons for flight delays. Airlines, FAA and even local governments are also partially to blame. In addition, this story also takes a look at instances of "air rage," a phenomenon that's becoming more and more prevalent in airports.
  • "Criminal Deportees Go Unguarded on Flights"

    A joint investigaton from Washington and Mexico City bureaus uncovered the US Immigration and Naturalization Service's unsafe methods for deporting illegal aliens. Deportees, many of them criminals plucked directly from jail, were being sent home to Central America on commercial flights, seated, without any supervision, right next to defenseless passengers.
  • Pets on Planes

    KTVT reports that "we learned that 5000 pets are injured or die on airplanes every year. We first received the support of a local humane society and then took a dog named Rex on a series of flights around the country. We had temperature and humidity sensors inside the kennel and traveled on the same aircraft as Rex. We had Rex examined by a veterinarian at every destination and was always in good health. One airline lost the dog, another left him in the rain, another left him alone and without water, another left him on the hot tarmac when it was 90-plus degrees outside."
  • Likud's Tangled Charity Web; Centrist Party to Use Charity for Campaign; 'Left-Wing' Election Flights May Be Illegal

    "This collection of stories documented how Israeli political parties have raised millions of dollars through tax-exempt, tax-deductible U.S. charities for their political campaigns in violation of both U.S. and Israeli law."
  • AM West penalty waived, FAA action canceled 200 flights

    The Arizona Republic reports "The Federal Aviation Administration in Washington waived a $2.5 million fine against America West Airlines in July despite objections from the agency's Phoenix inspectors. America West, slapped with a $5 million fine last year over safety and maintenance violations, had not fully complied with an agreement to fix the problems, according to FAA inspectors in Phoenix who oversee the airline."
  • 1999 IRE National Conference Show and Tell Tape #2

    1999 IRE National Conference (Kansas City) Show and Tell Tape #2 is the second in a nine-part series. This tape includes: 1.) Bill Gephardt/Angela Hunter (KUTV-Salt Lake City) 1-Tracking down deadbeat tenants. 2.-Testing the dog-chaser...a device meant to keep dogs from attacking. 2.)Tony Pipitone (WKMG-Orlando) State employees found using office computers to view and sell pornography. 3.)Jennifer Snell (WTXF-Fox Philadelphia) "Troubled Transit" Investigation into the unreliable service of the transit system reveals dangerous mechanical problems with buses. The reason: mechanics sleeping in buses during shifts instead of making repairs...but reporting the problems as fixed. Buses break down and strand passengers. 4.) Drew Griffin (KCBS-Los Angeles) "The Real ConAir" Investigation reveals department of corrections transporting convicts on commercial flights. Passengers are not told who's sitting beside them. Planes are forced to land because of disturbances during the flight. A girl is sexually assaulted by one of these convicts. 5.) Christina Punza (KCOP-Los Angeles) Uncovers plan to reuse radioactive metals from U.S. nuclear power plants. The metal will be made into household items such as silverware. Experts say the metal can never be entirely cleaned of its radioactive contents. 6.) Morgan Loew (KOLD-Tuscon) Investigation on the black- market sale of Rohypnol, "the date-rape drug." 7.)Hoffer/Glemosky (WABC-New York City) "Dispensing Danger" Investigates pharmacies dispensing drugs without required prescriptions. 8.) Ray Parisi (WNYW-New York City) Travelling to foreign destinations for sex with kids.
  • Southwest alters traveling and airports

    Southwest's entry into a new market used to chase away competitors. They claimed they couldn't compete with the airline's lower cost structure that permitted it to offer lower fares and high flight frequency on short-haul routes. But a computer analysis of airlines flight information shows that other carriers are standing their ground or adding flights at airports where Southwest is starting service on the East Coast. Carriers like Delta and US Airways are quickly expanding their low-cost subsidiaries on routes also served by Southwest.
  • Into Thick Air

    Last year was the safest in U.S. aviation history, the first ever without a death due to an accident. But with the number of flights expected to double over the next decade, air traffic controllers warn that gridlock in the sky--already a strain on their outmoded equipment and a cause of delays--is raising the potential for disaster.
  • (Untitled)

    The F.A.A. is finally rebuilding its ranks, 15 years after the air traffic controllers' strike. But, according to the New York Times, in some cities, controllers are working twice as many flights. For the control-room veterans who guide the jets into Newark Airport, the pressure is unbearable. (March 24, 1996)
  • (Untitled)

    This Seattle Times two-part series goes beyond the hoopla surrounding the introduction of a new airplane model to examine whether federal safety regulators let the Boeing Co. bend rules too far in pioneering new technology and reveals the nature of the risk posed to the flying public. See also file 12729. (June 4 - 5 1995)