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  • BANKRUPT MILLIONAIRE: Neil Bush's buisiness partner

    KTTV-TV (Los Angeles) examines the finances of a high-flying investor who defaulted on over $100 million in loans at Silverado Savings, leaving taxpayers to foot the bill; the man was the business partner of Neil Bush, the son of President George Bush, Oct. 27, 1992.
  • High Life Goes Bust For Athletes' Stockbroker

    Atlanta Journal-Constitution investigates a high-flying stockbroker who bilked professional athletes out of thousands of dollars, July 8, 1990.
  • Pilot Hid Ailments Before Crash Doctors Say

    Journal-Gazette (Fort Wayne, Ind.) files a FOIA lawsuit to obtain the medical records of an Air National Guard pilot who passed out flying over Fort Wayne; the pilot covered up his high blood pressure problems during military physicals.
  • Inexperienced Pilots Plaguing Commuter Airlines

    San Francisco Chronicle documents the inexperience of commuter airline pilots; the FAA denies there is any danger, but a string of fatal commuter crashes was traced to pilots with marginal qualifications and histories of careless flying.
  • Insurance The Next Crisis?

    Wall Street Journal finds parallels between many of the nation's insurance companies and "high-flying, fast-plunging savings institutions;" the insurance industry may go the way of savings and loans.

    KYTV-TV (Springfield, Mo.) uncovers questionable flying practices by a medical air rescue ambulance, including flying in unsuitable weather conditions, April - December 1988.
  • The Sky's Limits: Building the MD-80

    Detroit News investigates problems with McDonnell Douglas's MD-80 aircraft following crash of one in Detroit; finds deregulation and mergers have had an impact on pilots and flying, and the MD-80 had history of problems that might have contributed to the crash, Nov. 15-30, 1987.
  • Pilot Drug Abuse

    KMSP-TV (Minneapolis) report looks at substance abuse by commercial and private pilots, finding NTSB records show alcohol is a factor in 10 percent of general aviation crashes; finds flaws in FAA rules that allow pilots with long records of driving under the influence to continue flying airplanes.