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  • Christie exposed. How NJ Gov. Chris Christie has used his office to enrich friends while ignoring the state’s most pressing needs

    A series of investigations that shows how NJ Gov. Chris Christie and likely presidential candidate has used his office to promote himself at taxpayers expense, funnel lucrative contracts and work to insiders while ignoring the state's economy.
  • Justice Self-Served – District Attorney Walter Reed

    When they started digging into Walter Reed, he was in his 30th year as district attorney of Louisiana’s 22nd Judicial District. Reed prides himself on throwing the book at offenders. Though Reed was popular, he had developed expensive habits, and though he earned roughly $200,000 a year as DA, it wasn’t enough to satisfy him, and he began to cut ethical corners. We uncovered a number of questionable, and possibly illegal, practices.
  • Miss "Deeds"

    9NEWS of Denver, Colorado exposes squatters who attempted to steal a $400,000 home by creating bogus deeds and submitting them to a city clerk’s office.
  • Jim Crow Returns

    The Interstate Crosscheck program may threaten the voting rights of millions, disproportionately minority, in 27 states for the 2014 midterms and beyond.
  • Investigation of charter school operator

    For years, Dr. Michael Sharpe was among the most prominent charter school leaders in Connecticut, collecting millions of dollars from lawmakers eager to embrace school reform, and harboring big plans to expand his already growing empire beyond the state’s borders. Today, that empire has collapsed, following deep and aggressive reporting by a team of Hartford Courant reporters who revealed that Sharpe had a felony conviction for financial fraud, had no doctoral degree despite calling himself “Dr.,” had misused state grant money and had turned his Jumoke Academy charter school into a den of nepotism and financial conflicts of interest. As the stories unfolded, Sharpe and his entire leadership team were forced out, and investigations were launched by the state Department of Education and the FBI, which is currently presenting evidence to a federal grand jury.
  • Obstructed View

    9NEWS of Denver, Colorado exposes a tiny town’s traffic ticketing revenue scheme that aggressively cites drivers for dangling air fresheners and cracked windshields.
  • The Tax Refund Scam

    All con artists need is a computer and an easily obtained list of stolen social security numbers to perpetrate a scam that has cost the U.S. Treasury billions of dollars in fraudulent tax refunds. Steve Kroft reports on this scam that is getting out of hand because the IRS hasn't found a way to stop it.
  • We Sell Houses (and Sometimes Ruin Lives)

    Scott Wizig is a Houston-based real estate king with an appalling track record in Houston, Buffalo, and Baltimore. Houston Press first reported on Wizig in 2004, after he was run out of Buffalo. They decided to follow up on him in 2014 after a group of community non-profits in Baltimore sued him for sitting on dozens of vacant, blighted homes that were deemed health and safety hazards. The Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending appears to be the only Texas entity keeping an eye on Wizig, but even though he's repeatedly violated disclosure laws, the penalties are a pittance. Wizig also has exploited flaws in county record-keeping and eviction courts that have allowed him to foreclose on property he doesn't really own.
  • VA Whistleblower Retailiation

    CNBC has uncovered more allegations of fraud, cover-ups, and intimidation at the Department of Veterans Affairs. We got an exclusive look into how management manipulated patient wait times and what the VA did to retaliate against those who were unwilling to game the system and cook the books. CNBC's Dina Gusovsky reports.
  • Unraveling the mystery of Ritsche’s millions

    "Unraveling the mystery of Ritsche’s millions” began with a tip about a civil lawsuit against Jack Amundson, a well-known certified public accountant who practiced for many years in the St. Cloud area. The lawsuit was filed by the daughter of Tom Ritsche, a successful businessman and philanthropist who died three years ago, and a local foundation. It accused Amundson of taking more than $5 million from a trust in Ritsche’s name intended to benefit youth programs in St. Cloud.