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  • M.I.S.T

    The investigation "uncovered a plan that began in the mid-1990s with the help of one of the nation's leading consultant firms, McKenzie, to force motorists to sue to recover costs for so-called soft tissue injuries. Led by the nation's two leading insurers, State Farm and Allstate, insurance companies developed a strategy of delay, deny and defend when it came to minor car crashes."
  • Consumer Reports Investigates Health Care: Are You Really Covered?

    Consumer Reports surveyed a nationally representative sample of 3,000 working-age Americans about health care coverage. They found that four out of ten people are basically uninsured and half of the people surveyed said they were unprepared to cope with an expensive medical emergency. The investigation delves into the insurance company practices that created this dire situation.
  • Three Commentaries

    The Memphis Daily News' Lindsay Jones turns her eyes on many topics in these commentaries. First, she writes about a woman who had brain surgery years ago, and her attempts to cope with the after-effects now she has no insurance coverage. Jones contrasts this with Governor Phil Bredesen's "illness from a suspected tick bite and his trip to the vaunted Mayo Clinic." Also, Jones writes of the midterm Senate race pitting Harold Ford, Jr. against Bob Corker; and also the experience of being a Wal-Mart shopper.
  • Investigating Five Rivers

    An investigation into Five Rivers, a nonprofit meant to help find jobs and buy homes for those with low to moderate incomes, found that there was mismanagement of money. The majority of the revenues during the past 10 years "went towards the salary, health and life insurance, travel, meals and other expenses that benefited Five Rivers' executive director and her children."
  • Health-Care Goldmines

    Workers are having to pay more for health insurance or having to drop covearage completely because of rising health care, which increases the numers of unisured people. The secret tactics of how the health insurers, pharmacy benfit managers, and others help to boost profits in isurance is exposed in this series.
  • Harvesting Cash

    "Harvesting Cash examined waste, fraud and abuse in the multibillion-dollar system of federal agricultural subsidies crafted by Congress and administered by the USDA."
  • Blowing In The Wind

    Two whistle blowers share the story of how State Farm Insurance "was systematically defrauding its loyal customers" in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Sisters Cori and Sherri Rigsby are State Farm insurance adjusters who told ABC News about how State Farm employees "were instructed to fraudulently alter customers' claim forms and even shred documents so the famous insurance company could avoid paying benefits to families who lost everything in the hurricane."
  • The PZU Game

    The multi-billion dollar privatization of Poland insurance company PZU has raised questions. "Polish postcommunists and Dutch businessmen of unclear past" took over the company. The story focuses on the situation of Grzegorz Wieczerak, a PZU president who was accused of embezzlement. The evidence against him had been gathered by a company hired by people attempting to control PZU. The charges were eventually dropped, prompting Wieczerzak and his attorney to launch an investigation of their own.
  • Black Market Infertility

    Infertile couples that wish to have a child together are illegally buying medications to increase their chances of having a baby. Without insurance to cover the expenses, couples are taking to the internet to find the medicine they need.
  • Money Machines

    Open Advanced MRI may be operating illegally in Oregon because of the way it engages in practices. Each doctor that refers a patient to have an MRI will receive $500 from OAMRI, and also receive money for other scans as well.