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    Washington Post article explains how the CIA sets up front companies--airlines, insurance firms, etc.--to hide covert operations behind a mantle of private enterprise.
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    Boston Herald American series details how insurance commissioner appointed by former Gov. Ed King filed false financial disclosure statements.
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    Daily Oklahoman (Oklahoma City) story links an Oklahoma City-based insurance firm with organized crime figures who purchased controlling interest of the company.
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    Quad-City Times (Davenport, Iowa) runs articles on insurance salesmen who say they are representatives of a senior citizens organization to sell nursing home coverage to its members. (Supplement: Abuses in the Sale of Health Insurance for the Elderly in Supplementation of Medicare.)
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    Rochester (N.Y.) Times-Union articles indicate city insurance commissions were paid out as patronage to political friends and contributors.
  • Redlining practices of Albany insurance companies

    Knickerbocker News (Albany) looks at redlining practices of Albany insurance companies that deny fire and homeowner coverage to "undesirable neighborhoods."
  • California legislator sold out constituent interests to big tobacco

    Washington Monthly article tells how California legislator sold out constituent interests to tobacco lobbyists, doctors, trial lawyers and insurance lobbies by pushing through a tort reform law that helps every party but consumers.
  • Abuse of power and the Maryland insurance commissioner

    The Sun (Baltimore) series, which led to resignation of state insurance commissioner, uncovers serious abuses of power.
  • Local cops profit from tenement business

    The News (Paterson, N.J.) investigation shows local cops profiting by buying tenements, inflating their prices by selling them to each other, and collecting insurance settlements following suspicious fires. (Supplement: Manual on combating arson-for-profit schemes.)
  • "House of cards" insurance organization that forced the failure of two banks

    American Banker examines a "house of cards" insurance organization that forced the failure of two banks and near-failure of a third in Wyoming, South Dakota and Montana.