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    Business Week reveals problems with municipal bonds, investments wherein municipalities sell bonds to raise money and investors buy shares of them; finds that the bonds are troubled by city and county officials who squeeze municipal bond bankers for campaign contributions in return for business, Sept. 6, 1993.
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    Denver Business Journal reveals a scheme in which US West, a major telephone company, began to divest its losing real estate investments; the company guaranteed high lease rates to buyers and were thus able to charge high prices and not lose money, but their ratepayers had to pick up the tab in the end, April 30, 1993.
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    Southern Exposure (Durham, N.C.) documents how nursing home owners and their paid representatives use their financial and political clout to weaken health and safety standards, evade inspections, and divert money from residents and staff into real estate deals and investments, September 1992.
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    San Francisco Examiner looks into the maze of Michael Milken's financial empire to determine his net worth, and finds his value far more than his federal court-imposed $600 million fine; outlines his investments, June 17, 1990.
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    Kansas City Star investigates the state of Kansas' pension fund and finds that the fund was depleted of millions of dollars by high-risk investments with political and business connections; state officials participated in the scheme to loot the fund, April - November 1991.
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    Arizona Republic (Phoenix) investigates the financial empire of the Mormon Church; finds it does not have to account for the $4.3 billion it receives annually from members' tithes; the church has become one of the nation's largest private land owners, and has securities investments worth at least $1 billion, June 30 - July 3, 1991.
  • Broker goes from rags to riches on back of state pension investments

    Boston Herald investigates low-profile yet politically connected stockbroker who handles two large public employee retirement funds and has earned more than $2 million in personal income in the last three years handling those accounts.
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    Ann Arbor (Mich.) News investigates the financial problems of the Ann Arbor Technological Park, which was prompted by the filing of law suits by prominent investors for the retrieval of their investments; investigation centers on the man handling the investments, 1990.
  • Who Owns East St. Louis?

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch analyzes computer records to identify speculators investing in land auctioned for delinquent taxes in East St. Louis; the mayor of the predominantly black city has insisted that white power brokers were driving the city down so they could buy up the land, force blacks to leave and then redevelop the city, but the largest speculators turned out to be slum lords and speculators hoping to make money.
  • Bad Numbers

    Wall Street Journal examines Laventhol and Horwath, the Philadelphia-based accounting firm that took on too many risky clients--including Jim Bakker's PTL ministry--and now faces millions of dollars in lawsuits for sloppy work.