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    Business Week uncovers a pattern of bad management practices at Pittsburgh appliance manufacturer Allegheny International, including low interest loans to executives, lavish spending and risky investments, Aug. 11, 1986.
  • Trouble!

    Business Week finds evidence of lavish spending and questionable investments by top management at Allegheny International, despite a 70 percent tumble in market value of public shares.
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    Wall Street Journal profiles one of a growing number of thrifts that are abandoning the traditional home-town, home-loan market in favor of making high-risk Wall Street investments, May 6, 1987.
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    Dayton Daily News and Journal Herald finds that Montgomery County invested about 20 percent of its treasury in securities purchased from a Houston, Texas, broker who is not licensed to sell the investments in Ohio, Nov. 17, 1985-Jan. 27, 1987.
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    Kansas City Star discovers ties between the chairman of the $2.9 billion Kansas City public pension fund and a local developer and banker; loans from the bank seemed to follow large investments of pension funds; funds were invested in a company of which the pension chairman was also the director, Dec. 21, 1986.
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    Manhattan, inc., article profiles Ralph and Joe Bernstein, brothers in a firm that handled New York real estate investments for Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos, May 1986.
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    Village Voice (New York) reports Ferdinand Marcos invested as much as $10 billion abroad, much of it in New York City; real estate purchases were made in violation of Philippine foreign exchange laws; also looks at the principal agents for the investments in New York--Ralph and Joseph Bernstein, founders of New York Land Company, Oct. 15, 1985.
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    Wall Street Journal details investments made by Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos and his wife Imelda; the article charges that "crony capitalism," fraud and corruption have led to a drained economy under Marcos' rule, Jan. 30, 1985.
  • IRS and State Securities Investigation of Mitchell Investments

    KARI Radio (Blaine, Wash.) airs story revealing Internal Revenue Service investigation of bogus tax shelters being sold by a Washington investment company.
  • Methodist Hospital

    KHOU-TV (Houston) looks at a charitable hospital that does not take charity cases; explores the hospital's finances and finds questionable investments in a Gulf Coast resort, loans given to doctors, Nov. 4-7, 1985.