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    Los Angeles Times looks into a trend among banks toward risky, off-balance-sheet investments that are largely exempt from regulation and not backed by capital assets, Oct. 27, 1985.
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    Erie (Pa.) Daily Times studies a city employee's pension fund and finds that officials overstated the market value of the holdings and that the investments were handled imprudently, July 1983.
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    Hartford Courant series profiles William Chipman, founder of a Major Indoor Soccer League team and a master manipulator of the limited partnership; Chipman gave investors false information, mismanaged and undercapitalized the venture and dipped into other investments in effort to save the team, August 1981. CT MISL Chipman
  • The Story of the Pauline Fathers

    Gannett News Service investigates a small order of monks in rural Pennsylvania who squandered millions of dollars in donations, loans and investments through mismanagement and "immoral" lifestyles. The scandal ripped apart the 600-year-old order and pushed the Roman Catholic hierarchy into an effort to avoid civil and criminal prosecution of those involved.
  • The Curious Deals Behind the Key West Treasure

    Money Magazine describes the business deals of Mel Fisher; reporters find evidence of questionable stock deals and investment practices.
  • ESM Government Securities Leaves State with Millions in Bad Investments

    Daily News documents the closure of ESM Securities, which left state agencies $17.6 million in bad investments.
  • Republic Overseas Bank Ltd. Pyramid Scheme

    Walla Walla (Wash.) Union-Bulletin exposes an overseas investment scam involving $73 million and 4,600 hoodwinked investors; the touted investments were nothing more than a pyramid scheme.
  • Hidden billions: The draining of the Philippines

    San Jose Mercury News Pulitzer Prize-winning series documents the overseas investments of several Filipino political and business leaders, including the Marcoses. The investigation finds assets worth billions hidden behind surrogates, front companies and other agents. Many of the front operations were based out of the United States, which made them more difficult to trace.
  • Making a Fortune

    Wall Street Journal examines Rep. Fernand St Germain's private investments and finds that, in acquiring his fortune, the congressman has had investment help from people and institutions that have benefited from his official actions.
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    Kansas City Times traces the shady beginnings, turbulent operations and inevitable collapse of a pyramid investment promotion known as culture farms - millions of dollars were invested by 27,000 people.