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    Arkansas Democrat-Gazette series detailing the plight of Arkansas' poor, elderly citizens--23 percent of the state's population. The series revealed horrifying abuse and neglect, the inconsistencies of state laws protecting the elderly, and the lack of communication between the various volunteer and government agencies providing services to them.
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    Greenville News series documented the failure of the juvenile justice system in South Carolina--from the courtroom to the inadequate political commitment to address the problem, to the juvenile prisons that don't punish or rehabilitate. Less than one in three juveniles convicted in 1,255 cases of serious crimes served any time behind bars in 1993. Judges let juveniles convicted of kidnapping, rape and armed robbery walk out of their courtrooms on probation.(April, 1995)
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    An investigation into one of the world's most magnificent treasure houses. The once-glorious Prado contains masterpieces assembled by the Spanish kings over the course of centuries. But in recent years both the building and its contents have suffered from a neglect born of curatorial infighting and inadequate staffing. (Nov. 1995)
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    This story is the culmination of 10 years of reporting on the fate of thousands of artworks looted from victims of the Holocaust. In 1984, ARTnews revealed the Austrian government's neglect, hostility and questionable legal maneuvers in returning the works to their rightful owners in A Legacy of Shame: Nazi Art Loot in Austria. Nearly every since, ARTnews correspondents have reported on the problem. Last July, the Austrian parliament passed a law transferring ownership of the nearly 8,000 items to the Jewish Community of Vienna. (September 1995)
  • The Lost Children

    The Austin American-Statesman's five part series "provided the first definitive look at the hundreds of disabled and chronically ill children who are living in Texas nursing homes. The series gave compelling accounts of why they are there and under what conditions... examined scores of confidential government documents about abuse and neglect of children, reviewed nursing home inspection reports and other documents obtained through the Texas Open Records Act...
  • Criminal Care

    Gannett News Service reports that "People with records of violent crime, theft and patient abuse have an easy time getting work in the nation's nursing homes. Here's how they are able to skirt regulation-and how homes and consumers can protect themselves.
  • Pacts Bring Busing Worries

    The Sun-Sentinel reports that "In 1990, the Palm Beach County (Florida) School Board began a groundbreaking effort to desegregate schools by offering developers of new communities assignments to neighborhood schools in exchange for promises to market to black families and integrate their neighborhoods. The school districts agreed to desegregate its schools after the federal Office for Civil Rights found widespread discrimination against black children in schools. The story documented the insincerity of those who signed the agreements, along with neglect on the part of the School Board, which never enforced them."
  • Is Fraud Poisoning Home Health Care

    Business Week reports that "after an extensibve investigation into the rapidly expanding home health-care industry, Business Week found rampant fraud and abuse. Problems ranged from financial scams ripping off millions of dollars from Medicaid and Medicare to instances of neglect and abuse of elderly or incapacitated patients by untrained, unqualified, or unlicensed home-care workers. Business Week discovered that many of the problems uncovered are an outgrowth of lax federal and state regulations and too little oversight of comapanies' practices, and ineffective industry groups."
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    Miami Herald describes how loose rules and standards have allowed the day care industry in Florida to be filled with stories of abuse and neglect, Nov. 24, 1991.
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    Village Voice exposes how indefference and neglect in a New York prison almost made a small-time drug charge into a death sentence for an AIDS patient, Oct. 19, 1993.