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    Los Angeles Times discloses that even though Latino workers are essential to Los Angeles County's manufacturing workforce, their safety is chronically neglected in ways that leave them more susceptible to death and disability; state safety engineers rarely visit Latino-dominated factories, the county has fewer inspectors than any other area in California and in violation of state law the country quietly did away with mandatory safety programs, Sept. 5 - 7, 1993.
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    Milwaukee Journal finds several problems with the U.S. water supply, inlcuding pork barrel projects which put public health at risk, neglect by state and federal employees, and the fact that the nation's largest outbreak of waterborne illness was predicted in over 1,000 scientific reports which weren't acted on, Sept. 19 - 26, 1993.
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    Herald-Sun (Durham, N.C.) investigates the local child-protection agency; finds failure to investigate allegations of child abuse and neglect; child deaths have resulted from agency mistakes, Dec. 6 - 8, 1992.

    WEYI-TV (Clio, Mich.) exposes a loophole in the state's one-of-a-kind "no-fault" auto insurance system; finds evidence of client abuse and neglect of the program, as well as "padded" insurance billing and use of uncertified therapists, February - April 1992.
  • Old Age Agony.

    WCBD investigates Eagle Landing Nursing Home for neglect and poor care. One man entered the home at 151 pounds and died 4 months later at 113 pounds. The home says he lost weight because he was severely depressed.
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    Virginian-Pilot and Ledger Star investigation of the state's day-care facilities reveals a startling level of neglect in state regulation; finds 97 percent are neither licensed nor inspected; many of those facilities openly violate the state law limiting the number of children they can care for; convicted felons and sex abusers may legally work in day-care homes; children stay in day-care homes that have been shut down by the state, Sept. 20 - 27, 1992.
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    Miami Herald examines the deaths of hundreds of Florida's elderly, retarded and poor and finds that every year, a growing number of them die undignified and painful deaths from abuse and neglect; finds the police do not conduct serious investigations into the deaths, while caregivers tamper with medical documents to hide neglect or poor medical care, Nov. 22 - 29, 1992. *

    KCAL-TV (Hollywood, Calif.) finds that the state agency responsible for policing nursing homes is unable to fulfill its mission; abuses of the sick and elderly in nursing care facilities is widespread, July 27 - 30, 1992.

    WAGA-TV (Atlanta) looks into the operations of a Georgia drinking water plant that caused the largest outbreak of water-borne disease in the nation's history; uncovers unlicensed operators running the plant, an operator sleeping on the job and a cover-up to hide violations of federal water quality standards, November 1992.
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    Star Tribune (Minneapolis) looks at Minnesota's state-run foster care system, finding serious abuse and neglect by foster parents had increased dramatically since 1988, in part because of poor screening of foster parents and inadequate monitoring of their homes; the state issued foster licenses to scores of convicted criminals, including armed robbers, sex offenders, wife-beaters and known child abusers; finds that minority children are more likely to be placed in the home of a violent criminal than white children, Dec. 13 - 14, 1992.