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    CNN Special Assignment finds a $400 million-a-year chain of brain injury rehabilitation clinics may be more of a money-making endeavor than a medical service; uncovers instances of gross neglect in which victims of brain injuries, unable to take care of themselves, are left unattended for hours in abhorrent conditions, Feb. 18, 1992.
  • Crisis in Care

    WBBM-TV (Chicago) reports on a Chicago nursing-home chain that subjects its patients to physical and sexual abuse; the care is so poor that patients have died of neglect, but the state regulatory agency has failed to act to correct abuses, Dec. 9 - 13, 1991.
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    Chicago Sun-Times reports on the state of disrepair of the physical plant of the Chicago Public School system, and details two decades of neglect and lack of funding, April 14 - 18, 1991.
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    KBIA Radio (Columbia, Mo.) uncovers abuse, neglect and improper billing and other business procedures at a well-known nursing home, Sept. 10, 1991.
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    Muskogee (Okla.) Daily Phoenix Times Democrat investigates the services for the mentally retarded in Oklahoma and finds that the state was wasting funds while the needs of thousands were being neglected, July 7-11, 1990.
  • Opportunity denied

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch uncovers the misuse of federal Community Development Block Grant funds by the city of St. Louis and the administration of Mayor Vince Schoemehl, using the funds in medium-income neighborhoods, and further neglecting the poorer neighborhoods, the areas that the funds were meant to assist.
  • A Case of Neglect: Medical malpractice in Indiana

    Indianapolis Star investigates medical malpractice in Indiana; finds that a small group of doctors repeatedly commit malpractice; the state has no method for disciplining or keeping track of them; malpractice victims are inadequately compensated, June 24 - 26, 1990.
  • Florida: State of Abuse

    WFLA-TV (Tampa, Fla.) "exposed the mistreatment of foster and shelter children by Florida's Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services. Despite state denials (the station) revealed the state ignored the legal rights of abused and neglected children." The investigation "showed HRS forced these kids to stay in state offices by day and sleep on office floors by night. A follow-up investigation revealed state workers denied children services, stole from taxpayers and blatantly broke the law."
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    Detroit News analyzes 310 trade schools in Michigan and finds four in 10 graduate, and most jobs are entry-level; examines charges brought against trade schools; state neglects to police trade schools, Feb. 18 - 20, 1990.
  • Charter Hospital

    KCRA-TV (Sacramento) investigation finds patient neglect led to two patient suicides at Charter Psychiatric Hospital; employee fired for not participating in cover-up, patient files lost, Dec. 19 - 20, 1990.