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  • "Inside Bridgewater"

    WCVB-TV (Boston) gets access to the Massachusetts State Hospital for the Criminally Insane after the deaths of five patients in six months; finds facility understaffed, underfunded and mismanaged, neglecting patients' treatment needs, Sept. 28-Oct. 2, 1987.
  • El Paso State Center

    KVIA-TV (El Paso) investigates El Paso State Center's treatment of mentally disabled residents, finding neglect and abuse, missing money and property, altered records, poor working conditions, no state oversight.
  • Eight Items Taken from History Museum

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch discloses the Missouri Historical Society's collection of American Indian artifacts--once considered among the nation's best--has been depleted through irregular practices, casual oversight and neglect; also uncovers questionable dealings between the society's director and a private art dealer, August - December 1987.
  • Little victims: Ohio's child abuse dilemma

    Abused and neglected children comprise a growing segment of disadvantaged Americans who suffer not only because they are physically, psychologically and emotionally injured, but also because they have not effective voice. The Cincinnati Post examines child abuse in Ohio, a state in which the safety net erected by laws to protect children from abuse and neglect has collapsed under the weight of more than 71,000 annually reported instances of alleged child abuse.
  • Room with a view -- of filth and vermin

    San Diego Union reports on deteriorating conditions in San Diego's slums due largely to the lack of inspections and the neglect of enforcement of housing codes, April 19-20, 1987.
  • Various: Child-abuse worker's reports held suspect; Did baby Tamela's death bring necessary changes?, etc...

    San Angelo (Texas) Standard-Times uncovers false record-keeping and inaccurate investigations at Texas Department of Human Services; child abuse and neglect continued because of emphasis on paper compliance with rules rather than actual compliance.
  • Florida: State of Neglect

    "Florida: State of Neglect: is a seven-part investigation of Florida's Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services, the nation's largest social service agency." WPLG-TV (Miami) "uncovered a department that, across the board, was abusing and neglecting those it is entrusted to protect: abused children, the retarded and the elderly." The station "exposed a state wide cover-up which included state workers being ordered to lie about abuse at the hands of the state."
  • El Paso's 10,000: 'Third World' lucks on outskirts of Sun City

    El Paso Herald-Post chronicles the plight of the thousands of Hispanics who live in desperate poverty in El Paso County; tells of exploitation and official neglect.
  • (Untitled)

    Kansas City Times examines the child care industry in Missouri and Kansas, finding that facilities are not well inspected, abuse and neglect of children is not uncommon, Aug. 25-29, 1986.
  • (Untitled)

    UPI stories show how U.S. arms get into the hands of terrorists through Pentagon's leaky supply system; computer inventory system is easily manipulated; bookkeeping is neglected, Oct. 19, 1986.