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  • Shelter of Shame

    WTHR-TV (Indianapolis) documentary investigates Indianapolis Housing Authority; many units are uninhabitable, neglect and mismanagement allow supplies to be stolen and resold, waste and inefficiency among employees is common, and employees are segregated, November 1984.
  • (Untitled)

    Wall Street Journal finds that airlines are neglecting maintenance in order to cut costs and be competitive, Nov. 6, 1985.
  • Legacy of shame

    ARTnews reports that Austria's handling of the return of works of art stolen by the Nazis has been marred by neglect, ineptitude and questionable legal maneuvers. An investigation found thousands of officially heirless paintings and other objects are still hidden and off-limits to everyone except Austrian officials.
  • No Place Like Home

    Buffalo News seven-part series on the problems created in upstate New York State by the move toward home health care for the elderly, which is unlicensed and unregulated; finds patient abuse, robbery and neglect. "By the end of this decade, one out of every six of your neighbors on the Niagara Frontier will be over 60 years old," the series begins. "And with the graying of the region goes health-care problems that already have officials in a quandary."
  • (Untitled)

    Boston Magazine article uses one couple's journey from the delivery room to the courts to tell the story of the growing incidence of malpractice in obstetrics and the state's neglect in disciplining doctors, June 1984.
  • (Untitled)

    Greenville (S.C.) Piedmont does series on the failures of South Carolina's restaurant inspection program; state fails to revoke health permits even after serious and repeated violations; state routinely neglected to follow up inspections, March 1982.
  • The Challenge of a Miracle: Selling the Gift

    Pittsburgh Press reprints "The Challenge of a Miracle: Selling the Gift," which explores the transplant system and finds that hope and gratefulness are often joined by greed, corruption and neglect, 1985.
  • Neglect and Speculation Produces Slums in Orange County Sububs

    Los Angeles Times finds unchecked growth, real estate speculation and official neglect combine to produce slums in suburban Orange County.
  • Inmate Deaths Under New Sheriff

    The Tribune (San Diego) examines the 82 inmate deaths in county jails or hospitals since local sheriff took office in 1971; finds four inmates were killed by other inmates, but the other 78 died due to illness, medical neglect, suicide, or force at the hands of deputies; reveals some deaths involving deputies were not investigated or reported.
  • (Untitled)

    Birmingham News runs series revealing 700 child abuse and neglect cases went uninvestigated in that county due to mismanagement and under-staffing within the state's welfare agency.