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  • Bee Aware

    An investigation in the decline of honey bees in recent years due to the use of a pesticide that the EPA has neglected to fully examine and put restrictions on.
  • Patient Safety Crisis at Parkland

    This investigation takes a look at Parkland Memorial Hospital, which mostly treats Dallas' most vulnerable patients, the poor and the elderly. The findings are shocking and extensive, including patient neglect, unsupervised practices from doctors in training and poorly trained psychiatric technicians.
  • Poisoned Places: Toxic Air, Neglected Communities

    This partnered investigation looks into the Clean Air Act and what it has been failing to do: protecting communities from toxic air pollutants for 21 years.
  • Neglected to Death

    Florida was among the first to regulate assisted living and to adopt a Bill of Rights for patients. The investigation found that regulators are failing to protect some residents and uncovered dozens of questionable deaths.
  • Forced to Fight

    The original story documents how a remote facility for foster children with developmental disabilities forced to fight each other for the staff's entertainment, then rewarded the winners with snacks. The subsequent stories exposed a history of abuse and neglect at the facility.
  • Dana Wright; Ken Ullery; Chris Henao

    The series shines light on the rampant poverty in the Kansas City area and the failure of the city and county government to address the problem.
  • Built to Burn?`

    While modular homes are becoming increasingly popular, this investigation shows how they are more likely to burn faster than traditional houses. The modular home industry, as the investigation shows, has been neglecting to undergo required safety inspections.
  • Deadly Neglect

    The Tribune investigates the Chicago care facility with the worst safety record in Illinois. There were 13 deaths due to neglect or unexplained causes and countless illnesses that went ignored.
  • Drowning in Neglect

    KHOU-TV discovers 1300 public swimming pools in Houston were getting a free pass for not meeting safety standards. City health inspectors failed to give violations for substandard drain covers, missing life preservers and emergency phones, and even a lack of chlorine. Health experts claim the condition of many of these pools invites the spread of disease and should warrant closure of the pool.
  • "Deaths at the State Hospital"

    This ongoing investigation reveals major misconduct by the Colorado Mental Health Institute in Pueblo, the largest public psychiatric hospital in the state. The investigative team exposed and detailed the deaths of four patients that resulted from the "mistakes, lack of training, incompetence and possible criminal neglect" carried out by hospital employees. The series also reveals the attempt of state human services officials to cover up the mistakes.