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    San Bernardino (Calif.) Sun series examines loss of $21 million by the Adventist Church through the bankruptcy of a developer; close financial ties between church officials and the developer violated church guidelines, May 1982.
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    UPI and Better Government Association does 10 - part series, "American Royalty," on government officials and agencies living high on the hog at taxpayer expense; topics include congressional overseas travel abuses, unauthorized use of military transport and the Pentagon supplying free travel and expensive entertainment to its congressional watchdogs, February 1982.
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    Philadelphia Inquirer series says racketeers and government officials have combined forces to build cigarette smuggling into organized crime's second biggest moneymaker; who was involved, how they did it, May 1979.
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    Minneapolis Star and Tribune runs series on the business of collection and disposal of waste in that city; describes price war that the largest hauler, Browning-Ferris Industries, is waging against small haulers to increase its share of the business; also discusses private waste-burning firm's attempts to obtain business from city officials, 1982.
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    Gannett News Service reprint finds institutionalized children in Oklahoma were beaten, sexually abused and assaulted over a period of years with the knowledge of high-ranking state officials, 1982.
  • Drugged, bugged and coming unplugged

    Mother Jones investigates drug abuse within AT&T. Company officials downplay the abuse, while employees claim the company actually encourages drug use through its medical department. The investigation discovered a "stress epidemic" within AT&T due to oversupervision, computer monitering and petty management rules.
  • Neglect and Speculation Produces Slums in Orange County Sububs

    Los Angeles Times finds unchecked growth, real estate speculation and official neglect combine to produce slums in suburban Orange County.
  • Independent Product Testers Lie to FDA, EPA

    Sacramento Bee articles uncover fraud in the government's regulatory apparatus involving independent testing firms for drugs, chemicals and pesticides; focuses on Industrial Bio-Test Laboratories, whose officials were convicted of fabricating product tests; asks how many tests on file with the FDA, EPA are invalid.
  • U.S. Tobacco Manufacturers Encourage Addiction Abroad

    New York Times Magazine details how U.S. trade officials and cigarette manufacturers are promoting tobacco and cigarette use in other countries; finds the push for sale abroad has been successful, especially in Asia; describes anti-smoking activism in other countries.
  • Drug Use in Kansas City

    Kansas City Times runs five-month series dealing with drug use; looks at babies of cocaine addicts, treatment of young addicts, kids selling crack, crack houses, ads for legal drugs, crank (rural crack) labs, prosecution of drug dealers, and public officials using or selling drugs.