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  • The Jobs Game

    "This series of articles by the AP showed that, despite his 2002 election on a "reform and renewal" platform in which he pledged to "end business as usual," Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's administration continued some of the old-style practices of patronage- and might have violated the law in the process."
  • Divided Loyalties

    A look at how nonprofit health information and advocacy groups are taking millions of dollars from druge and medical device makers. Organizations such as the American Diabetes Association and the National Osteporosis Foudndation are involved in this debate of drug safety.
  • Corruption in Community College System

    This story reveals “patronage, corruption and waste in Alabama's two-year college system. Major findings include: everyone in Chancellor Roy Johnson's immediate family was on the system payroll; campuses gave jobs to relatives of systems officials, often bypassing hiring practices; nearly a third of Alabama's legislators or their relatives received pay from the system; system contractors paid for or performed work on homes owned by Johnson and others; software company received millions of dollars in system officials and lobbying firms, despite a ban on such payments; state attorney general asked Johnson for favors while his prosecutors investigated the system.”
  • N.Y. Power Authority

    The New York Power Authority provides about one-quarter of NY state's electricity needs. Although it is a branch of state government, it acts as a corporation, giving away some of its profits to pet charities of the Board and the Directors, rather than lowering utility costs to customers. Almost 200 of the NYPA's 1600 employees make more than $100,000 a year.
  • Clout's Sick List

    "A Chicago Sun-Times computer-assisted analysis found that patronage workers in Chicago city government filed workplace injury claims at a rate that if true, would make being a political patronage worker in Chicago the most dangerous occupation in America. The series found that patronage workers filed worker's compensation claims against the city at a rate experts deemed implausible and city officials acknowledged was problematic. By doing so, these workers were able to stay home- or, in some cases the newspaper found, work other jobs- while collecting 75 percent of their city pay, tax-free. Many of these workers have claimed repeated workplace injuries. And many have been off work for years."
  • I Was Pushed To Rig Hiring

    The Chicago Sun-Times got a Cook County highway supervisor to admit for publication that he participated in rigged hiring schemes, under pressure from the patronage chief for the County Board president. The supervisor, Eric Petraitis, had the documents to back up his statements. The day after the story ran, the patronage chief was suspended. One month later, the FBI raided several Cook County departments, looking for additional evidence. Reporters Steve Patterson, Natasha Korecki, Rummana Hussain and Fran Spielman contributed to follow-up stories.
  • City Hall Hiring Scandal

    The reporters revealed widespread political patronage in the administration of Mayor Richard J.Daley. Over six months they reported how city jobs and favors are routinely handed out to those who work for organizations that support Daley. The newspaper found that over 1200 people who belong to such groups also hold city jobs.
  • Turmoil at UMDNJ

    This extensive nine-month investigation into the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey first began with a "mysterious check made out to a dead man." What resulted were more than 70 stories uncovering years of corruption, political patronage, conflicts of interest, millions of dollars in no-bid contracts and bonuses for administrators and more. At the end of the investigation into UMDNJ, the U.S. Attorney ordered a federal monitor to take over--the first time ever that a state university had to be taken over by the federal government.
  • Pate's Palace

    "With its dazzling new terminal and world-class golf course, Du Page Airport is more than a topnotch aviation facility. It's also a monument to lavish spending of taxpayers' money, a haven of GOP patronage, and the target of a federal probe. Now the man who helped build the airport--state Senate President James "Pate" Philip--wants control of O'Hare."
  • Pima County Contracts

    An investigation by the Arizona Daily Star revealed that "Pima County, Arizona, wastes much of the money it spends on roads and sewers by avoiding competitive bidding, disregarding its own contractor rating system and failing to track its spending. Because of these problems, county taxpayers forked over twice the money they approved in a bond referendum -- or $700 million -- to do the work promised. Patronage flourishes within a system so lacking in accountability: Contributions to a supervisor's election bid are a better indication of who gets county work than a contractor's scores in a quality ranking."