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    Washington (D.C.) City Paper reveals the extent of the patronage, political control and graft that is involved with who gets the district's contracts on its lottery, July 9, 1993. # DC Symmes GTECH LTE D.C. Data
  • The Making of an Empire

    The Providence Sunday Journal (R.I.) profiles the state Supreme Court for the state of Rhode Island, and finds that the court's chief justice and the court's administrator preside over a system full of government waste, political patronage and extremely high salaries for its employees.
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    Plain Dealer (Cleveland) computer-assisted study uncovers voting fraud in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, where cats and dead people are registered to vote, citizens double-voted, poll workers were double-paid and 65,000 voters were double-registered; felons, people living abroad and mental incompetents regularly vote; finds an election board employee was ordered to illegally rig a vote-counting computer; corruption and incompetence is the norm at the patronage-packed agency, December 1991 - December 1992.
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    Common Cause Magazine reports that the Small Business Administration is increasingly irrelevant to the nation's small businesses and that the agency is caught in its own downward spiral of slipshod management and intermittent scandal; the agency survives because of the protection of Congress and the use of the office by Reagan and Bush as a patronage job with little meaning, May/June 1991.
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    Dayton (Ohio) Daily News uses a computer to track the financial contributors of both the Republican and Democratic candidates for governor of Ohio and finds that patronage is the reason for most of the large contributions, March - July 1990.
  • Courthouse patronage

    Texas Lawyer reports on a system of patronage built into Texas' judiciary--judges use a child protection system for political advantage and reward their friends with money-making appointments as guardians ad litem.
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    Times-Picayune (New Orleans) reports on alleged patronage in the New Orleans JTPA, a federal job training program, Nov. 19, 1989.
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    Oakland (Calif.) Tribune reports on a school district controlled by a network of patronage groups with links to the Board of Education; found a clique dubbed "the family" controlling jobs and misusing federal and state grants, Sept. 3 - 4, 1989.
  • Is It a License to Steal?

    "'Is It a License to Steal?" is a seven-part investigative report which looks into the questionable practices of auto tag agencies in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Research on the report took eight months and led to a state audit, FBI and IRS probes.
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    North Jersey Herald & News (Passaic, N.J.) examines the operations of the Garden State Parkway; discovers highway authority commissioners broke the state's open meetings law and illegally diverted millions of dollars, and that the Parkway's payroll was padded by hundreds of employees through political patronage payoffs, July 11 - 15, 1988.