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  • System Failure

    "In June 2006, the auditor general of Newfoundland and Labrador began filing blockbuster reports on the spending habits of the province's politicians. The money is question came from their constituency allowances- a type of expense account that had long been derided as a type of political slush fund."
  • Ethics Revealed

    After finding that 12 local politicians owed money to the state, The Times examined the state ethics board's fining system. It showed that "the ethics board may have selectively enforced fines, had allowed delinquent candidates to run for office despite a state law forbidding them from doing so, and conducted the majority of its business in secret."
  • Hillary's Prayer

    Hillary Clinton is involved in a religious prayer circle called "the Fellowship" which includes high-powered politicians that hope to restore Jesus back into Capitol Hill. This article looks into how both politics and faith shape Hillary into the person she is today.
  • Gripen- The Secret Deals

    SVT investigated the selling of the Swedish fighter plane, the Gripen to the Czech government. In result the news organization uncovered bribery of politicians, the Austrian Count Alfons Mensdorff-Pouilly, a former Canadian government minister and a Czech weapons dealer. This prompted further investigation into two other Gripen deals between Hungary and South Africa.
  • Desert Dealer

    "Las Vegas homebuilder Jim Rhodes became the most influential developer in the East Valley when he bought more than 1,000 acres of state trust land, and the right to master plan an additional 6,700 acres. The State Land Department made no attempt to check his background before selling the land and planning rights, which will set the tone for 275 squares miles of trust land in the area. Had they checked, Land Department officials would have found that Rhodes has admitted illegally using his money to aid powerful politicians, and had close ties to corrupt public officials in Nevada. He also has repeatedly and successfully been sued for fraud, self dealing and theft; and has a long history of complaints for shoddy construction."
  • Hidden Dockets/ Secret Cases

    In Florida hundreds of state cases have been hidden from the public for decades. "These cases included the divorces of politicians, judges, lawyers and businessmen, and the criminal cases of informants. Judges failed to obey public access law when sealing off those cases. In Miami, judges and prosecutors Miami also falsified public criminal court records, violating a state criminal statute and covering up evidence of embarrassing public corruption and an unsolved murder."
  • Series on Congressman Jerry Weller

    Congressman Jerry Weller (R-Ill.) is married to a foreign government official, Zury Rios Sosa, daughter of former Guatemalan dictator Efrain Rios Montt. Weller is a member of a committee "whose main focus is Latin America," and "has been silent about Guatemalan problems that affect the U.S., particularly drug smuggling." The investigation also found that Weller failed to report on his congressional disclosure form the amount of beachfront property he owns in Nicaragua, putting him in "violation of house ethics rules and U.S. law."
  • Stacked Deck

    "'Stacked Deck' detailed how a well-intentioned federal program to provide affordable housing to the working poor created the type of political environment that resulted in an FBI investigation of Dallas City Hall. The program requires developers to garner political support from a range of office holders and neighborhood leaders or else lose the millions of dollars in federal funding. With those kinds of stakes, developers have an incentive to curry favor with local politicians in ways that are both legal and illegal."
  • Peddling Influence

    This series examined the influence of special interests on the Texas Legislature and the lack of oversight by regulators. Linking campaign and lobbyist spending to legislation, the stories showed how lawmakers have favored lobbyists and their pet causes over the public interest, And we discovered that the Texas Ethics Commission has failed to property investigate complaints of violations and allowed questionable practices to continue.
  • Expressway Authority Investigation

    This series investigated the Tampa-Hillsborough County Expressway Authority, which prompted an investigation by Governor Jeb Bush's office, an investigation by the Florida Legislature's Auditor General and an ongoing investigation by the FBI.