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    ABA Journal questions whether city government officials are being selectively prosecuted by the U.S. Justice Department because of their race, and suggests it might be a combination of racism and politics, with the black politicians being Democrats and the federal investigators controlled by a Republican administration, February 1992.
  • The Senator's Secrets.

    NBC News Expose investigated and documented former Virginia Governor (now Senator) Charles Robb's pattern of womanizing and frequenting of the Virginia Beach party and drug scene, including socializing with drug dealers, throughout his tern of Governor. Including use of threat and intimidation to cover-up reporting of that activity.
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    Akron Beacon Journal reports on the misappropriation of funds by Ohio's community college system; finds that college officials had made campaign contributions to state politicians in order to win political favors, Ohio's "Pay-to-Play" method of funding higher education, March 24, 1991.
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    The Independent (Durham, N.C.) reports on how special interest groups influence politicians with large contributions, and how they conceal those contributions; investigates the contributors and what they want; focuses on the state lieutenant governor's race, finding that disclosure law don't always reveal the special interests behind the names and money, Sept. 28 and Oct. 11, 1984.
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    Sun Herald (Biloxi, Miss.) outlines the history and current status of an organized crime cabal known as the "Dixie Mafia;" links the group to area politicians, law enforcement officials and murders, including that of a prominent couple, September 1990.

    WFAA-TV (Dallas) investigates "in-kind" political donations of a Dallas savings and loan to national politicians and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Oct. 29 - Nov. 2, 1990.
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    Kansas City Star investigates a local labor leader and political power-broker who ordered or condoned a series of bombings in Kansas and Missouri; reveals local politicians are on his union payroll, Nov. 4 and 8, 1990.
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    National Mortgage News reveals that the owner of First Network Savings fabricated profits to justify the payments of over $11 million in dividends to himself; used thrift's money to further personal political agenda; sent millions of dollars to charities he owned, which in turn sent money to Israel; supported pro-Israeli politicians, particularly Sen. Alan Cranston, Aug. 20, 1990.
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    Charlotte Observer investigates developer and philanthropist Steve Walsh; finds he diverted mortgage money, used corporate money to pay personal bills, courted local politicians and made illegal corporate contributions to Sen. Jesse Helms, Aug. 19 - 21, 1990.

    WCVB-TV (Needham, Mass.) uses student loan default records to reveal elected politicians and successful professionals are among thousands of student loan defaulters in the state; taxpayers end up paying the $13 billion in bad education loans, Nov. 19 - 21, 1991.