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    New Republic details the politics involved in cable television franchising, looking specifically at how it works in Washington, D.C.; the cable system's top executives have been given consulting jobs with Mayor Marion Barry; some city politicians end up owning 20 percent of the cable franchise's stock; givebacks are a routine procedure after a cable company wins a city franchise, May 29, 1989.
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    Washington Monthly looks at the problems caused when cities grant monopolies to cable companies; finds city politicians accept bribes for franchise rights; in cities with competing cable systems the consumers receive better service and more channels at lower rates; refutes the contention that without a guaranteed monopoly a cable company cannot afford to provide service to poorer neighborhoods, June 1989.

    WBRZ-TV (Baton Rouge) discloses manipulation by Louisiana officials of Dept. of Transportation and Development program to award contracts to minority-and female-owned businesses; high-ranking politicians used influence with DOTP to get the inside track on lucrative contracts, Aug. 28, 1986.
  • Child Scam

    Target Television (San Francisco) finds people making money off the missing children scare; telephone solicitors are selling advertisements for non-existent publications, numbers of missing children are inflated and private investigators and politicians are using the scare for their own benefit, October 1985.
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    WJLA-TV (Washington) series investigates Maryland's thoroughbred racing industry: drugged horses, lack of track security, the inadequacy of the state's system of drug enforcement, the cozy relationship between Maryland politicians and race industry leaders, Nov. 8 - 17, 1982.
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    KYW-TV (Philadelphia) finds the Gift Property Program, designed to turn abandoned houses over to the poor, was used by politicians to trade property for votes and by realtors to evade taxes, 1979. (script only)
  • SCA: A Corporate Neighbor in Question

    WSOC-TV (Charlotte, N.C.) airs five-part series on a Boston-based waste treatment and disposal firm moving into the region; ties with organized crime and improper waste treatment raise concern among politicians and residents of Charlotte, September 1980.
  • Battle for the Palisades

    KNBC-TV (Los Angeles) investigates tactics Occidental Petroleum has used to try to drill for oil in Pacific Palisades, Calif.; company infiltrated an anti-drilling group and paid off politicians; discusses the unusual circumstances by which Occidental acquired drilling rights and background on industrialist Armand Hammer, Dec. 12-14, 1984.
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    Los Angeles Times runs articles on a California businessman who made illegal campaign contributions to state politicians, April 1984-January 1985.
  • The treatment

    Santa Fe Reporter investigation reveals sexual abuse, medical mistreatment, theft, manipulation of trust funds and the denial of legal rights in the New Mexico State Hospital. The mental institution is the largest single facility run by the state. The investigation also disclosed a long history of state politicians meddling in the hospital and top state officials covering up its problems for years.