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    Wall Street Journal articles show how politicians, aided by political action committees, avoid campaign finance restrictions and accept a flood of contributions from business and the rich, 1984.
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    Los Angeles Times issues special section on the Pentagon as employer, purchaser of goods and services, and bureaucratic monster; because of its size, the military-industrial complex makes politicians captives, ultimately resulting in the breakdown of the system of checks and balances, July 1983.
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    Albany (N.Y.) Times-Union series examines the way Albany spends public money toward politicians' friends; city doesn't bid contracts, is charged exorbitant fees for services, December 1982, with 1983 update.
  • Pennsylvania's Assembly: Out of control

    Philadelphia Inquirer issues reprint on systematic corruption in the Pennsylvania Assembly.
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    Philadelphia Daily News finds the city-owned Philadelphia Gas Works secretly gave preferential treatment to local politicians, reducing their gas bills or allowing them to run up thousands of dollars in unpaid bills without losing service.
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    San Francisco Bay Guardian tells how a Texas real estate developer teamed with two local politicians, a state senator and an airport commissioner to win approval for a high-rise office tower that didn't conform with city planning codes.
  • The MBTA: What's gone wrong?

    Boston Globe examines the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority--from bus service to employee hiring and pensions--and finds that an alliance between unions and politicians is responsible for making it the most expensive, least productive major transit system in the country.
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    Indianapolis Star runs series on racketeering among local Teamsters that involved local police and politicians; the series also examines the role of the FBI in failing to prosecute known members of the Teamsters crime network.
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    APF Reporter article shows how politicians can use numbers fallaciously to buttress their political agendas, focusing on Michael Dukakis's combining numbers from different studies on tax law compliance.
  • Post-Watergate election finance loopholes allow politicians to get around limits on campaign contributions

    Wall Street Journal finds post-Watergate election finance loopholes allow politicians to get around limits on campaign contributions.