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  • Councilmen on Tourism

    The RBS-TV news crew followed city council members from seven Brazilian states as they attended 6 training courses over 40 days. They found that many of them enjoyed tourist day trips instead of the courses they were supposed to be attending. They also found that the politicians could purchase certificates of completion even when they did not attend the courses.
  • Tax Buyers, Politicians Benefit From Tax Sales

    The series uncovers abuse in the Madison County, Ill. tax collection system. The county treasurer turns a government program meant to help delinquent property owners into one that victimizes them while enriching the treasurer's wealthy campaign donors.
  • Offshore Crime, Inc./Miskovic Millions

    An investigation of business practices by East European criminals and corrupt politicians uncovers money laundering, tax avoidance, and other illegal actions costing $250 billion each year in lost tax revenues.
  • PolitiFact: The States

    PolitiFact, a project of the St. Petersburg Times, is an effort to expand political fact checking to the state and local level. The site published over 1000 articles in 2010 that studied claims made by politicians and then rated them on their accuracy.
  • Gaming the System: Public Pensions the Massachusetts Way

    The series reveals the “manipulations of the state public pension system by legislators, ex-legislators, and local city councilors for their own and their friends’ enrichment, and at taxpayers’ expense”. Overall, this series describes the public pension abuse and the specific findings of the series.
  • Menino's Rule

    This series explains how Mayor Menino supervised a “building boom that benefited a handful of favored developers and consultants with close ties to him”. Put together, “the six most prolific developers built one out of every four square feet constructed by private developers since 1996”. The mayor violated a pledge not to accept donations by accepting money from these developers, which supported his campaign. Furthermore, he disregarded a city ordinance, which was designed to ensure that these projects benefited city residents.
  • Miami; City Politics, Finance on Edge

    During the booming times around the country, everyone was spending money, especially the local government in Miami. The officials in Miami were spending money even if they didn’t have it and creating deficits, which are too difficult to get around during the hard times. Furthermore, the city has depleted their reserves by “more than $50 million” to help fix the deficits, which isn’t doing them any good.
  • County Hall: The Perks of Public Office

    The series looks at local politicians and their spending habits. These habits were rather lavish for a local government which had to cut spending on certain programs. The stories focus on “everything from how commissioners were using aides as personal chauffeurs to the global travel the commissioners took with no benefit to taxpayers”. Further, advisors of the mayor were receiving “double digit” pay raises, while the budget was crumbling.
  • "Prison Predator"

    Overcrowding in California's 33 prisons has led to inmate violence, death and an alarming lack of accountability among prisons workers. In the past year, Lancaster state prison has seen two deaths as a result of inmate violence. In both cases, officials have keep quiet. A federal court ruling has asked California prison officials to relieve the overcrowding by releasing 40,000 inmates, though the ruling has been met by resistance by the governor and other politicians.
  • Adams' Admission

    Sam Adams, who at the time was Portland City Commissioner, met with a young intern several times. These meetings occurred before the intern’s 18th birthday, but both stated the relationship was platonic. Though, at the same time Adams was being sworn in as the first openly gay mayor, the story was published showing that Adams and the intern had lied about their relationship.