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  • Dollar Politics

    Health care lobbyists are trying to get their clients' interest represented, which involves millions of dollars going into Capitol Hill. This series examines the connection between money and politics and what it means for health care in the United States. Also, in this series the description that leads politicians and lobbyists to distort the lines between political support and utter corruption is explained.
  • Blago Hit Up Burris for Cash

    This series reveals how US Sen. Roland Burris changed his sworn testimony regarding his contacts with Rod Blagojevich. The series also revealed the US senator lied and then he lied about lying. All of this on top of one of the biggest political stories of the year with Blagojevich and Burris.
  • Big Money Slides From WFP To City Campaigns; All In The Family

    “The Working Families Party is an increasingly powerful third political party in New York which, due to quirky state election laws, is able to cross-endorse candidates and get involved in other parties’ primaries.” The question that everyone has been asking is how WFP (Working Families Party) finances its extensive operations. The first article reveals this very question. The WFP owned a secretive political consulting company, which uses the same resources as WFP and in apparent opposition to New York City’s campaign finance laws. The second article reveals that WFP not only has two arms, but there are in fact four arms. These four arms show the benefits received by WFP are of a political party, a non-profit, and a for-profit.
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina Politicians' Assets

    By law, Bosnian politicians are required to disclose their assets. When the Center for Investigative Reporting in Sarajevo explored financial records of individual politicians, small unreported private fortunes were uncovered. Corporate kickbacks from special interests were found as well.
  • Hard Driving: The Wendell Scott Story

    "The book reports how Bill France's political and business alliances with influential segregationist politicians helped NASCAR to grow into the multi-billion-dollar, family-owned corporation that today controls one of the country's most popular sports."
  • Bush Library Scandal

    The three parts of the series deal with indications that senior White House officials in the administration of George W. Bush were being made available to foreign politicians and making policy announcements in return for donations to the Bush library fund.
  • City Adrift: New Orleans Before and After Katrina

    This book takes readers on "a journey from the time the storm hit on Aug. 29, 2005 through its aftermath, as well as the progress of the city's efforts to rebuild and what the future might hold. Through interviews with homeowners and health officials, first responders and politicians, as well as firsthand experience, this unique collection of voices paints a detailed portrait of what happened, what went wrong and why, and on a broader scale, examines how local and federal officials prepare for and react to such catastrophic events whether a killer hurricane, terrorist attack or potential pandemic flu."
  • A History of Neglect

    The series investigated whether the promise of "child welfare experts and politicians in New York" made 20 years ago to improve their assistance from black and Latino children had been kept. They found that they hadn't. Instead many agencies had poor records of success.
  • Air Ambulances

    A Fort Worth physician who was a medical director for several local EMS units was also employed by a "for-profit air ambulance service." Under his direction the EMS units began using his company's helicopters, even when they weren't the closest ones to the scene.
  • Lost Voters

    This investigation reveals how Florida's new, $23 million computer-driven voter registration system actually disenfranchised more than 65,000 would be voters. The story documented how these voters were "lost" by the state, quantified who they were and told their stories.