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  • Campaign Season :The Race for Governor 2010

    The "documentary on the fly" series provided an inside look at the 2010 gubernatorial contests in New York. The continuous coverage showed what the campaign meant for New York's future.
  • Follow the Unlimited Money

    Following the Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited donations to political campaigns from outside groups, the Sunlight Foundation launched a tool to track the activities and campaign contributions of organizations.
  • Above the Law

    Twenty years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, corruption and impunity still pervades Russian politics. The series shows how high-ranking Russian officials wield power without fear of consequence in a nation without a durable rule of law.
  • Mr. Big Stuff

    An investigation of the Housing Authority executive director in Phoenix proved he hired family members, used the agency's credit card to pay for travel and meals, and channeled federal stimulus work to developers with political connections.
  • Menino's Rule

    This series explains how Mayor Menino supervised a “building boom that benefited a handful of favored developers and consultants with close ties to him”. Put together, “the six most prolific developers built one out of every four square feet constructed by private developers since 1996”. The mayor violated a pledge not to accept donations by accepting money from these developers, which supported his campaign. Furthermore, he disregarded a city ordinance, which was designed to ensure that these projects benefited city residents.
  • The rise and fall of Ray Sansom, speaker of the Florida House

    Ray Sansom, the speaker of the Florida House, gave the state college “$35 million in two years”. These two years he oversaw the House budget, but wasn’t the speaker quite yet. Furthermore, these millions of dollars were added outside the normal budget method. Additionally, he worked with the college president to help maneuver the funds to the college.
  • Miami; City Politics, Finance on Edge

    During the booming times around the country, everyone was spending money, especially the local government in Miami. The officials in Miami were spending money even if they didn’t have it and creating deficits, which are too difficult to get around during the hard times. Furthermore, the city has depleted their reserves by “more than $50 million” to help fix the deficits, which isn’t doing them any good.
  • County Hall: The Perks of Public Office

    The series looks at local politicians and their spending habits. These habits were rather lavish for a local government which had to cut spending on certain programs. The stories focus on “everything from how commissioners were using aides as personal chauffeurs to the global travel the commissioners took with no benefit to taxpayers”. Further, advisors of the mayor were receiving “double digit” pay raises, while the budget was crumbling.
  • Adams' Admission

    Sam Adams, who at the time was Portland City Commissioner, met with a young intern several times. These meetings occurred before the intern’s 18th birthday, but both stated the relationship was platonic. Though, at the same time Adams was being sworn in as the first openly gay mayor, the story was published showing that Adams and the intern had lied about their relationship.
  • Dollar Politics

    Health care lobbyists are trying to get their clients' interest represented, which involves millions of dollars going into Capitol Hill. This series examines the connection between money and politics and what it means for health care in the United States. Also, in this series the description that leads politicians and lobbyists to distort the lines between political support and utter corruption is explained.