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    Milwaukee Journal finds several problems with the U.S. water supply, inlcuding pork barrel projects which put public health at risk, neglect by state and federal employees, and the fact that the nation's largest outbreak of waterborne illness was predicted in over 1,000 scientific reports which weren't acted on, Sept. 19 - 26, 1993.
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    City Paper (Washington, D.C.) reports that the drug war has been a multi-billion-dollar boondoggle and an unwinnable struggle that is filling the prisons, overwhelming the public health system, further disenfranchising minorities, and doing nothing to cure addiction; the current system has sacrificed treatment for interdiction and disregards the constitutional guarantees of privacy and due process, Dec. 18, 1992.
  • Gay bath House

    WTSP-TV (St. Petersburg, Fla.) reports that a gay bath house that allows its patrons to practice unsafe sex has operated in Tampa for 20 years and has escaped the attention of the city, fire, and public health officials, July 15 - 18, 1991.
  • Big business, big controversy

    Houston Chronicle series reports on the effect of formerly government-run methadone clinics being privatized; finds that privatization has opened the heroin and opiate addiction treatment drug to the black market.
  • Cry for help

    KWWL-TV (Waterloo, Iowa) reports on the efforts of a cancer-stricken family that lives close to a toxic waste site to receive state and federal attention to their problem; neighbors relying on drinking water from private wells near the site had never been warned of possible dangers.
  • No pay, no stay

    Public Citizen (Washington, D.C.) investigates the illegal practice of hospitals refusing to treat uninsured patients and sending them to other hospitals.
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    Rocky Mountain News (Denver) investigates Denver coroner's office after a child is beaten to death and coroner concludes death caused by an ear infection; finds fiscal malpractice, deceit, coverups; city's two top health officials fired, new system of death investigation implemented, mayor ordered complete overhaul of public health system, April 12 - Oct. 30, 1991.
  • Under the Knife

    WBBM-TV (Chicago) reports on dubious practices in outpatient surgery clinics; found the state public health department does not regularly inspect licenses and bills are sometimes padded; medical records gained with patient consent helped with the investigation.
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    The Advocate (Stamford, Conn.) explores why AIDS apparently has not lessened the number of men having sex with prostitutes; details the public health questions raised by the spread of AIDS by prostitutes and their clients, Oct. 9 - 10, Dec. 30, 1988.
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    News-Sentinel (Fort Wayne, Ind.) details the adverse effects of Indiana spending less than most states on public health care; the low spending has resulted in poor people not receiving medical attention, local health departments being severely underfunded, and child care centers not being inspected, Jan. 20, 1988.