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  • Green River: What Went Wrong

    Seattle Times series reports on the bungled police investigation of the Green River serial murder case in Seattle; reporters use computer to help with their own investigation, gathering information on victims and the crimes, and make extensive use of public records on the police investigation, September and December 1987.
  • series

    Lynchburg (Va.) News & Daily Advance uses public records in its report that the Rev. Jerry Falwell raised millions, ostensibly for political purposes, then spent most of it on his religious ministries, Aug. 23-Sept. 7, 1987.
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    Los Angeles Times Magazine publishes article by a local homeowner who searched through public records to find the history behind the home he bought, July 20, 1986.
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    Charlotte Observer article profiles a popular North Carolina state legislator with a questionable background; reporters use public records to find the man had various personal and government debts as well as business links to a known drug smuggler, April 1, 1984.
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    Providence (R.I.) Journal-Bulletin series goes into the background of state Supreme Court chief justice and finds the judge has extensive and long-standing ties to organized crime figures; reporters made use of public records and did physical surveillance, December 1984.
  • Patient Abuse Investigation

    Daily News uses public records to show how two mentally ill patients had died from mistreatment and more than 70 others had been slapped, kicked, punched and sexually abused in institutions in Massachusetts during one nine-month period.
  • The Fifth Avenue Center lease

    Daily News-Miner examines the lease of an office complex by the state's department of administration. The investigation documents the closing of public records by the attorney general and discovers the governor's chief of staff influenced the $9 million lease.
  • The McCormick Place Annex trade show center

    Chicago Sun-Times scrutinizes the public records from a $252 million trade show center; finds faulty material purchases and financial boondoggles involving a state representative and a general manager of the project.
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    Richmond (Va.) News Leader details how easily one can obtain private information on individuals through public records; reporter uses a co-worker's name and gets information on his credit rating, marital status, college transcript, property holdings, etc.
  • Public land records mess in San Diego

    San Diego Reader finds that city's records on public land transactions are a mess and that public land holdings mysteriously have shrunken to nothing.