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  • Phillips in Africa: Coltan (Colombite Tantalite); Zimbabwe business grab

    CBS News reports on the Congo civil war. The first part of the investigation finds that the efforts to stop the war have failed, "in part because Western companies are helping pay for it." Coltan, a mineral essential for the production of computer chips and high-tech devices, has kept the war going because African governments, middlemen and rebels have become "interested in loot as much as politics." The second segment reports on a land dispute in Zimbabwe, which has caused racial conflicts. The threats to white farmers and business-owners have forced some of them to try to escape to South Africa.
  • Russian Mob Trading Arms for Cocaine with Colombian Rebels "was the first to uncover a scandal that would ultimately lead to the ouster of Peru's President Alberto Fujimori." The reporters found that "guns had made their way to a variety of groups in the region, spreading Colombia's war across borders to Ecuador."
  • Diamonds and Blood

    An ABC News investigation into the Central African diamond trade reveals an industry controlled by violent rebels. The ABC News crew was the first American news magazine crew to go into Sierra Leone since the civil war ravaged that country. The crew found a region rife with violence - "men, women and children were getting their limbs savagely amputated by rebel thugs and these thugs were buying their weapons with the proceeds from diamond sales... So, buyer beware - that beautiful diamond you are buying for your loved one might very well have caused the death or mutilation of somebody else's loved one in the heart of Africa."
  • The Opportunist

    Esquire tells the story of Nick Karras, an American businessman who's using the unrest in Sierra Leone to make million's off of the region's bountiful diamond mines.
  • Diamond Wars: Special Report

    A New York Times special report reveals that diamond mines controlled by corrupt African governments or African rebels produce a small percentage of the diamonds found in United States and European jewelry stores. These warring groups use the profits from their diamond sales to fund wars. The investigation found that international law and irresponsible members in the international diamond community are partially to blame for this phenomenon.
  • The Gates Nomination

    CNN Special Assignment (New York) questions Robert Gates' repeated sworn testimony that he was kept in the dark and knew nothing about the secret White House gunrunning operations to Iran and to the Nicaraguan rebels, Sept. 13, 1991.