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  • Canada vs. Vatican

    Le Point magazine compares the Catholic Church's official doctrine re: homosexuality and gay marriage to the realities of sexual abuse by Canadian priests, finding a blatant conflict between the Vatican's condemnation of gay marriage and its long-standing toleration of priests' child abuse. The article is in French, but the Resource Center has provided a basic translation in English.
  • Home Is Where the Hurt Is

    An eight year old girl was taken out of her home because of neglect. It was soon discovered that the girl had been sexually abused by her mother. Despite pleas by professionals and from the girl not to take her back, social services returned the child to her mother who has since left the state. The girl's aunt is trying to get her back.
  • Grandfather Clause

    This story reveals that Kansas's sex offender registration law does not require registration by people who were convicted of sexual crimes before passage of the registration law.
  • Fear of the Faithful

    The authors investigation involved the Seattle based "Tridentine Latin Rite Church", viewed as a cult by former members and ostracized by the Catholic Church. There had been allegations of sexual abuse and questions into the use of fear and strict discipline. The authors also followed the efforts made by one family to get their mother out.
  • Children of God

    What began with the video diary of Ricky Rodriguez, a former child member of the religious sect "Children of God," led to an in-depth investigation into the group's history of sexual abuse of its child members. Rodriguez, the son of the group's religious leader was so distraught over the abuse that he murdered the woman he claimed had sexually abused him as a child before killing himself. Though the organization officially claims that its practice of having sex with children ended in 1986, this investigation documents the group's attempts to quiet their disturbing past.
  • Sexual assault at Mifflin High School

    When news first broke that a developmentally disabled girl said she had been sexually assaulted in a high-school auditorium, it seemed to be the story of a tragic crime. But digging by Bill Bush and other Dispatch reporters revealed a much more troubling story--school officials had resisted calling police because they feared that would attract attention of the media. Further reporting found critics suggesting that this was a pattern within Columbus Public Schools.
  • "Peace at What Price?"

    ABC news documented the extent of abuse U.N. peacekeepers have been inflicting on women and children in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Although reports of child pornography, rape and paedophile rings have been rampant, U.N. officials have refused to allow either military or civilian employees to be tried, and even have refused to cooperate with further investigation of its personnel.
  • Dangerous Web

    Dateline went online to impersonate children, logged onto chat rooms and then pretended to allow themselves to be lured into meetings with men who wanted to have sex with them. In hidden camera interviews Dateline showed 18 men in two days who arrived at a house set up by Dateline where the men thought they would have sex with underage teens. When questioned by Dateline, they came up with a whole litany of excuses for their behavior.
  • Immaculate Deception

    Raymond Burke, named Archbishop of St. Louis in December, 2004, managed to hide the history of sexual misconduct by three priests in his former diocese, La Crosse, Wisconsin. In one case he paid off a victim but refused to refer her case to the diocese's Child Sexual Abuse Review Board. In another case, a victim was offered a meeting with Bishop Burke regarding her alleged abuse only if she would agree to keep the matter private.This story names three priests who were abusers and who had never been publicly identified before.
  • Don't Ask, Don't Tell

    A teacher forced out of one school district due to accusations of sexual abuse towards his students is investigated for murder almost 20 years later when he is a school principal in another state. This story details how a known pedophile was allowed to remain in the school system and even promoted to principal.