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  • Decades of Sex Abuse Plague Deaf School. For generations, state's students kept secrets.

    An eight-month investigation by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has found that sexual abuse at the Washington School for the Deaf has been shattering the lives of deaf children for at least half a century. The Post-Intelligencer looked into reports of persistent sexual abuse at a state-run school for the deaf. The problem is plaguing deaf schools across the country. There were 160 sex-related incidents at the school in a three-year period. The investigation spawned external reviews of the school from the governor's office; reforms were suggested and a six-member watchdog panel was appointed to make sure they were put into place.
  • Checking up on Your Doctors

    The Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star investigates the backgrounds of area doctors and finds that many of them are practicing despite disciplinary histories ranging from repeated drug abuse to allegations that they sexually abuse patients.
  • Rude Boy

    Village Voice tells the story of a little boy, J.J., who terrorized his classmates and his teachers at P.S. 207 in Harlem. At the age of 8 J.J. forced two six-year girls to perform oral sex, and was charged with first-degree sodomy and first degree sexual assault. The boy liked to hit other children, as well as his teachers, the investigation reveals. Even though the boy was diagnosed with conduct disorder, supposedly related to his father's absence, the mother refused to acknowledge the problem and give him the prescribed medication. At last J.J. ended up in a group home in upstate New York, Village Voice report.
  • Cult of Madness

    The Dallas Observer reports on a woman whose therapy made her insane. Martha Hurt sought psychiatric help for marriage problems and depression, what she would up with were memories of sexual abuse and over 200 personalities. The article follows hurt through the dissolution of her relationship with her parents, husband and children to her lawsuit against the therapists she now believes made her sicker than when she came to them. Martha Hurt is just one of many women who have found themselves in similar situations after multiple personality disorder and repressed memories became psychological fads.
  • Betrayed By A Badge

    Newsweek reports on a Texas police officer accused of sexual misconduct and rape by seven women. He has never been charged with a crime. The women, who were reluctant to come forward to begin with, were angry he was never charged and that he is still able to be a police officer.
  • Funeral Board Outgunned

    The Arizona Republic reports on problems with the funeral industry in Phoenix including wrongful cremation, the suicide of a mortuary worker, the theft of gold teeth and sexual abuses. The Arizona Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers investigates less than 1 percent of complaints each year -- and board members also admit that there are probably "three or four times" as many who do not complain. In other states funeral boards have been disbanded because they were hiding more than they were investigating.
  • Reports of Abuse

    "Several reports written by senior members of women's religious orders and by an American priest assert that sexual abuse of nuns by priests, including rape, is a serious problem, especially in Africa and other parts of the developing world. The reports allege that some Catholic clergy exploit their financial and spiritual authority to gain sexual favors from religious women, many of whom, in developing countries, are culturally conditioned to be subservient to men. The reports obtained by NCR- some recent, some in circulation at least seven years- say priests at times demand sex in exchange for favors, such as permission or certification to work in a given diocese." John Allen Jr. and Pamela Schaeffer detail more.
  • A Prayer for Tina Marie

    GQ Magazine reports on Tina Marie Cornelius, "who will serve a lifetime in a Texas prison for the unthinkable crime she committed on the night of April 14, 1999." Cornelius kissed her 3 year-old daughter and 2 year-old son, told them she loved them and then threw them off a limestone ridge into a creek below. "Over the course of the next five days, she was dancing for tips with her clothes off, smoking pot at a reggae festival, dining at a yacht club, snorting speed and sleeping with three different men." Through an interview with Cornelius, the article reveals her rampant lifestyle and reports on the aftermath of killing her children- living out her days as inmate number 905058.
  • A Terrible Error

    Kollatz investigates how two parents convicted of felony neglect in the death of their infant daughter were able to regain custody of their other four children. The story becomes more troubling when the same parents would later sexually abuse two of their oldest daughters, after regaining custody. The case, that physically repulsed the Richmond Circuit Court Judge that tried the parents for felony neglect in the death of their daughter, was literally able to slip through the cracks of the Chesterfield County Justice System. The parents felonious neglect conviction in 1989 was viewed as a criminal matter and not placed on Virginia's Central Registry, the database of child abuse and neglect charges in the state. Without notice from the Central Registry, the parents were able to receive physical custody of their children again in 1998. It wasn't until later that year that a family friend uncovered the sexual abuse taking place against the two daughters.
  • The Children's Hour

    Arkansas-Democrat-Gazette examines how "the Web has opened the floodgates on child pornography," and delves into the horrors that sexually abused children and their families have gone through. The four-part series finds that "preying on children to feed adult fantasies, pornographers are spreading sexually explicit images faster and farther that authorities can handle." The investigation uncover the results of a recent study, which finds that "1 in 5 children [has been] sexually solicited on the Web," and that 25 % of children have seen pornographic websites. The story also details how undercover FBI agents "pose as children to attract the predators" on the Internet. The series profiles a notorious criminal,John MacMullen, who has drugged and raped eight girls and two women, and five other sentenced pedophiles.