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  • (Untitled)

    Boston Globe analyzes the state of Massachusetts's response to rising incidence of child sexual abuse; finds perpetrators get little jail time or adequate counseling, Nov. 8-11, 1987.
  • Windsor Teacher

    WFSB-TV (Hartford) airs investigation on a local high school teacher who was allowed to resign after allegations of sexual abuse with a minor student; reveals state does not require notification of such incidents, which would prevent teachers from going elsewhere in the state to teach; the teacher was eventually charged with 62 counts of sex abuse, March 6, 1987.
  • Child Abuse series

    San Jose Mercury News reporter uncovers alleged cases of child sexual abuse at church day-care centers at U.S. Army bases; Catholic priests involved in some cases have been protected by their diocese, 1987.
  • Social Services

    Willamette Week (Portland) reveals the chairman of an agency that serves the homeless had used his position to have sexual relations with minors; agency staff had ignored evidence, Nov. 19, 1987.
  • Sexual Abuse of Children

    WCCO-TV (Minneapolis) "followed a series of criminal cases alleging adults had victimized youngsters in the Twin Cities area. Initial investigation concluded that these cases were not isolated; that public awareness was low because the crimes are in-frequently reported, and police and social services agencies were untrained in dealing with the victims and offenders."
  • (Untitled)

    WABC-TV (New York) reports on the deplorable condition of proprietary houses for the needy in Long Beach; houses have become dumping grounds for the mentally ill, sick and aged poor; these people are often victims of sexual abuse, crime and suicide, 1979. (script only)
  • Exploiters: Children For Sale

    WMAQ-TV (Chicago) 10 - part series investigates the sexual abuse of girls by a group of adults who use drugs and force to involve them in child prostitution and pornography, November 1980.
  • (Untitled)

    WCCO-TV (Minneapolis) reports on sexual abuse of young psychiatric patients by doctors at a private hospital and the failure of the Minnesota Board of Medical Examiners to properly police doctors, October - December 1984.
  • Catholic Priests

    KXLY-TV (Spokane) series examines Fatima Crusade, a conservative offshoot of the Roman Catholic Church known for rigid discipline; exposes child abuse and sexual abuse, April 1984.
  • The treatment

    Santa Fe Reporter investigation reveals sexual abuse, medical mistreatment, theft, manipulation of trust funds and the denial of legal rights in the New Mexico State Hospital. The mental institution is the largest single facility run by the state. The investigation also disclosed a long history of state politicians meddling in the hospital and top state officials covering up its problems for years.