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  • Sacred Monsters

    This story delves into the history of clergy sex abuse at St. Anthony’s Seminary in Santa Barbara, revealing the disturbing history of the city as not only a place where abuse ran rampant, but to where Catholic Church officials would stash problem priests. Along the way, we get a better sense of the mindset of Cardinal Roger Mahony and his right-hand man, Bishop Thomas Curry of Santa Barbara, as they concern themselves more with damage control and cover-up than restitution. The presentation includes three compelling videos, including a gripping interview with Ferricano, a St. Anthony’s Seminary survivor, as well as interviews with A. W. Richard Sipe, an expert on the church, sex and celibacy; and with Terence McKiernan, president of, which aggregates documents and articles related to the worldwide Catholic clergy sex abuse scandal. We also published an interactive timeline in which readers could see important dates in this history of abuse in Santa Barbara. The timeline includes links to documents, photos and other materials that help tell the story.
  • Troubled Teens: At Risk and Overlooked

    Some of Arizona’s most severely troubled youth were sexually abused at facilities that were supposed to heal their addiction and behavioral problems, an Arizona Republic investigation found. In some cases, the sexual and physical abuse came from adult staff members, amid lax oversight from state regulators. The series found that Arizona authorities had taken little action regarding the problems at the treatment centers, and had no standards to measure whether the treatment the clients received was effective, despite pouring millions of tax dollars into the facilities.
  • Twice Betrayed

    The San Antonio Express-News, in a series that took seven months to report, told the story of numerous victims of sexual abuse in the military. While many of the victims were reluctant to come forward, several courageously talked to us and told their story, eventually leading to charges against aggressors and hearings in Congress.
  • Betrayed by Silence

    Through the fall and winter of 2013, MPR News delivered a powerful collection of investigative radio stories that exposed how leaders of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis were continuing to cover-up the sexual abuse of children by priests. We found the archdiocese had hidden the names of abusive priests for decades, provided secret payments to pedophiles, and failed to report possible child pornography on a priest’s computer to police or warn parishioners of another priest’s sexual addiction. We exposed how two priests had secretly confessed to sexually abusing children decades ago –one was teaching sex education to troubled teenagers and the other was living half a block from a school. Our investigation peeled back the layers of false promises by leaders who had guided the national response to the clergy abuse scandal a decade earlier – and showed that children remained at risk.
  • Rhode Island Priest Sex Abuse Letters

    In 2012 and early 2013, three Catholic priests were removed from duty at parishes in Rhode Island after credible allegations of sexual abuse against them surfaced. Several adult victims came forward to report assaults that happened decades earlier. In each case, the Diocese of Providence sent a letter describing the abuse and the circumstances to Rhode Island State Police. But because of Rhode Island's brief Statute of Limitations, as short as three years in some cases, there was no way to prosecute the priests criminally. Victims were also unable to bring civil lawsuits in most cases. NBC 10 wanted to know how many other Rhode Island priests had been credibly accused of sexual abuse but never charged with child molestation or rape. While the Diocese of Providence is not subject to public records laws, Rhode Island State Police maintained copies of the letters and must comply with the state's open records regulations. Over a six month period, public records requests revealed 45 letters sent to State Police by the Diocese during the past decade. The letters gave new insight into what victims experienced and how they were treated once they came forward. They also raised questions about why some cases were apparently reported to State Police, while others were not.
  • Silence Over, Life Reclaimed

    “Silence Over, Life Reclaimed” -- How Kristen Cunnane, now a 30-year-old UC Berkeley swim coach, took her life back by taking on her abuser, and the changes that followed the telling of her story. After its publication, other victims surfaced (and sued), and meaningful change to district policy were enacted, which should help ensure what happened to Kristen won't happen to others
  • Sex Abuse

    A groundbreaking investigation of alleged sexual abuse at Yeshiva University High School for Boys in New York. The stories, published in December, revealed how the leaders of a respected religious institution failed to act on repeated warnings that two of its top staff members had physically, sexually and emotionally abused students for years. The first story, published December 13 online (December 21 in print) had immediate impact. The two men accused of abuse were forced to step down from their posts in Israel. Rabbi George Finkelstein resigned as a director of a major synagogue in Jerusalem. Rabbi Macy Gordon was put on indefinite leave from his teaching job in Israel. More and more students called the Forward with their own, horrifying tales. As a result, Yeshiva University hired an international law firm to conduct an investigation and former students turned to lawyers raising the possibility of a civil lawsuit. Meanwhile, Yeshiva University remains under pressure to explain how abuses could have continued for so long and been so widespread and no one was called to account.
  • KC Perversion Files

    A 41 Action News investigation discovered one of the nation's leading youth organizations did not report suspected child sexual abuse to authorities, allowing accused molesters to avoid punishment and putting other children in harm's way. During a five-month investigation, 41 Action News reviewed dozens of Boy Scouts of America’s "perversion files" from 1971-1991 with ties to the Kansas City area. During our analysis of the files, intended as a blacklist to keep convicted and suspected pedophiles out of Scouting, we conducted interviews with alleged victims, spoke with a long-time Scouting leader, and tracked down men who had been kicked out of the organization after sexual abuse allegations surfaced.
  • Boy Scouts Revealed: Trail of Betrayal

    In the late fall of 2011 the investigative team at KGTV in San Diego, California began examining a culture of secrecy inside one of America’s most trusted youth organizations: The Boy Scouts of America. The series of reports, which aired in May and July 2012, revealed scout leaders knew about child molestation within scouting but rarely reported it to authorities. The local reporting triggered a national investigation by our newly established Scripps national investigative bureau based in Washington, DC. The Scripps national investigative team reviewed 30,000 pages of the Boy Scouts secret files with dates ranging from 1970 to 1991 to uncover the full scope of abuse throughout the country. The national team’s investigation resulted in a 3 part series that focused on the scope of the abuse throughout the country; the systematic failures that allowed the abuse to continue; and the state of scouts today. The series aired in all 13 Scripps broadcast markets and 13 Scripps newspapers. The broadcast packages and print articles were showcased on all 26 Scripps websites along with other online elements to provide our online audiences with an immersive interactive experience to explore our findings. This entry is focused on the broadcast portion of the project.
  • "What Happens in Homestead..."

    To outsiders, Homestead Heritage is an idyllic Christian utopia nestled in the hills of central Texas near Waco. But according to some former members, it is a cloistered compound that fosters child abuse. WFAA spent months investigating Homestead and uncovered a pattern of church leaders covering up child crimes, including sexual abuse and beatings. We submit our investigation, “What Happens in Homestead…,” for consideration in this year’s IRE Awards.