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  • The Nightmare

    The story of how Swedish authorities took two small children in protective custody after a single phone call. The children's father was charged with sexual abuse of the children and the mother of complicity in the crimes. Although both parents were totally innocent, their lives, and the lives of the children, turned into a nightmare.
  • Scout's Honour

    This investigation's goal was to look into the issue of sexual abuse inside Boy Scout organizations in both Canada and the US by exploring one particular case that touched both sides of the border. the CBC and LA Times teamed up for a 10-month record search which resulted in many findings.
  • Untested Justice

    WREG uncovered that sexual assault victims in Memphis weren't being properly handled within the system. A failure to process rape kits made it more difficult to bring the victims' attackers to justice. Their investigation found as few at 6% of the rape kits were being processed. Since the story ran, sweeping changes were announced by the City of Memphis and over 2000 backlogged rape kits have been processed as a result.
  • Predatory Doctors

    The investigation shows how Illinois authorities have failed to stop predatory doctors from practicing even when there's been evidence of sexual abuse or rape.
  • "Money and Influence Peddling in the Vatican"

    Reporter Jason Berry took an in-depth look at how sexual abuse in the Catholic Church was allowed to continue. His series of stories that appeared in the National Catholic Reporter, focused on Father Marcial Maciel Degollado, a prominent figure in the Church. Berry revealed that Maciel, who has allegedly sexually abused his seminarians since the 1950s, has been making payments to various Vatican officials that have "insulated the priest from punishment."
  • Patients in Peril

    The investigation exposed violations of state law, negligence and countless cover-ups at the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex. Findings include evidence of sexual activity between patients, doctors remaining on staff with records of sexual abuse and a starvation death of a patient.
  • "The Lonely Soldier"

    In her book, author Helen Benedict reveals what it is like to be a female in the military and serving overseas. She shares stories of sexual abuse and "discrimination against women and people of color." Female soldiers also suffer from health problems caused by the "lack of adequate medical care for women." Benedict also looks at the lives of women after they return home who suffer from isolation and "multiples traumas of combat and sexual assault."
  • Mount Bachelor Academy: Ever unconventional, long controversial

    When attending a private school for troubled teens, no one thought they would ever have to do such a thing as performing a lap dance while wearing revealing clothes. This method was "therapy" for victims of sexual abuse. Other types of methods were used, such as "sleep deprivation, extended physical labor, verbal abuse and restricting communication between parents and children." The reason these methods could continue was the school was "catering to the wealthy parents who felt they had nothing to lose and students were afraid to reveal the truth."
  • An Irish Tragedy

    "This is the story of how Irish immigrant clergy, who had helped to build the American Catholic church in years past, undermined that church by their widespread sexual abuse of children. It is a sad tale that had gone untold, until now."
  • Sexual harassment at UGA

    During a semester-long investigation The Red & Black discovered the University of Georgia was finding professors in violation of the sexual harassment policy but still allowing them to teach and, in some cases, allowing them to dictate the details of their resignations.