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  • A Trail of Abuse

    KCTV reporters found "The sexual abuse of boys at the First Baptist Church of Greenwood, MO by a music pastor, who, our investigation exposed, had a history of abusing boys in other churches. Our investigation also uncovered that the church pastor had a long relationship with the abuser and that despite pleas from police Pastor Mike Roy and other church officials refused to cooperate with police in the criminal investigation.”
  • Archdiocese Hires Criminal

    The personnel director for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati knowingly hired a criminal to run a new program designed to protect children. His job was to conduct the fingerprint and background checks now required of all volunteers who coach or help out in Catholic schools. The investigation uncovered the personnel director was a close personal friend of the criminal for more than 20 years and that the troubled young man claimed the personnel director had sexually abused him as a child. He claimed he continued his sexual relationship with the personnel director in exchange for jobs, money and clothes. The criminal had access to the social security numbers of thousands of Catholic volunteers. It was shown how he continued to commit crimes while employed by the Archdiocese, and how the personnel director continued to cover for him, even bailing him out of jail.
  • License To Harm

    A series that focuses on how the state of Washington has let hundreds of doctors, counselors and others keep practicing despite their sexual misconduct with patients.
  • Tracking Sex Offenders: The Impact of Megan's Law

    A look at how the sex offender registry in New Jersey has affected the community and the sex offenders. The investigation found that because the law was written and passed so quickly offenders, even those with less than a high school education, could easily find ways to exploit the loopholes. If the offender were to move every 30 days there would be no need to notify the community in which the person was living.
  • Living off the Radar

    An investigation shows that the Texas state sex offender registry is filled with fake and out-dated addresses, allowing thousands of sex offenders to evade authorities.
  • Study Reveals Vast Scope of Priest Abuse

    A study by the LA Times shows the number of Catholic priests from Los Angeles Archdiocese that have been accused of sexual abuse since 1950.
  • Aging Sex Offenders Pose Problems

    The authors used several actual incidents of abusive behavior in North Dakota nursing homes to illustrate that the state has no appropriate housing option for aging or disabled sex offenders after they have been released from incarceration. The investigation looked at what the long-term care industry and state regulators are doing about such incidents, as well as what they believe should be done.
  • Priest Scandal Touches Northern Nevada

    The authors investigated claims of sexual abuse by priests in northern Nevada, a region that had seemingly avoided the scandal. The story called into question the way the diocese and bishop handled abusive priests, and suggested they covered up the abuse and hoped to silence the accusers.
  • UMC abuse suspicions were ignored

    The story explored how a hospital that has received national honors for nursing excellence allowed a sexual predator to work there for two years, often with patients who were sedated or had limited mobility.
  • Jim West: A Spokesman-Review Investigative Report

    From his days as a Boy Scout leader to sheriff's deputy in the 1970s, through his career in the Washington legislature in the 1980s and 1990s, until becoming mayor of Spokane in January 2004, Jim West abused his positions of trust. The investigation showed that West had sexually molested boys as a sheriff's deputy and Boy Scouts leader, that as a secretly gay Republican state legislator he pushed anti-gay legislation and that as mayor of Spokane he offered City Hall jobs and appointments to teenagers and young men he met on a gay web site.