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  • Trashing Your Tax Dollars

    The NBC2 Investigators uncovered wasteful spending in a multi-million dollar federal program mean to re-stabilize neighborhoods hard hit by foreclosures. The program - called NSP (Neighborhood Stabilization Program) - utilized stimulus money approved during the George W. Bush administration to buy foreclosed homes, refurbish them and then sell them to families who would live in them, thus stabilizing a neighborhood. In our area, the program was administered by our county (Lee) and another program was administered by our city (Fort Myers). Our investigation of the county-run program found they were throwing away perfectly good appliances and replacing them with more expensive products. Not only could they have kept those appliances in the home - leaving them more money to refurbish others - but the appliances they did throw away could have gone to people in need in our community. Ultimately, our story forced the county to change policies in the program. They now coordinate with a local non-profit to donate all appliances and equipment once meant for the landfill.
  • Parking Patients

    "Parking Patients" examined the amount of time hospitals in the Memphis area were taking to assume custody of patients brought to their emergency departments by city ambulances. In hundreds of cases we found patients were spending hours strapped to ambulance stretchers, waiting inside emergency departments for hospital staff to sign off on the transfer of care. In the meantime, city paramedics were tied up waiting with the patients and unavailable to answer other emergency calls. We found dozens of cases in the last year in which the city ran out of available ambulances to answer these calls, and had to rely on private companies to fill the gap, sometimes resulting in longer response times. The fire department blamed these shortages on the practice of hospitals using paramedics as "free labor."
  • UDC

    An exposure of out-of-control spending by the president of the University of District of Columbia, the only publicly-funded university in the nation's capital. The investigation showed how President Allen Sessoms used taxpayer dollars on first-class travel, a luxury automobile and home renovations, all while he was doubling student tuition.
  • Earmarks to Nowhere

    USA Today revealed $13 million in "orphan earmarks" in highway spending director to pet projects but never spent. In reaction, Congress demanded an accounting of the earmarks from the Obama Administration, and members of both parties quickly introduced bills to clean up the practice and require public disclosure unspent funds.
  • Jobopoly

    Despite investments of $1.2 billion over five years, corresponding to 55 percent of the total Tax Increment Funding program in Chicago, the downtown area has lost over 12,000 jobs during the past five years, predominantly hitting African-American communitites.
  • Billions to Spend

    "This story follows the leaders of the $5.7 billion campus rebuilding program of the LA community college system that wasted tens of millions of dollars through poor planning, shoddy workmanship and frivolous spending."
  • Swiped

    WVUE combed through tens of thousands of pages of public documents to examine how public officials were spending and misspending their viewers' money. It is thought that this investigation will save the city of New Orleans millions of dollars.
  • UDC

    WTTG's 16-part investigation exposed out-of-control spending by the president of the University of DC, the only publicly-funded university in the nation's capital.
  • The Gravy Train

    An in-depth look at the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad revealed $100,000 of questionable purchases on the general manager's public credit card and a blatant disregard for state and city public bid laws.
  • Tracking Your Tax Dollars

    The five-part investigation found Florida state agencies were spending hundreds of thousands of tax dollars on bonuses, retirement gifts, flowers, gift cards and more. At the same time they laid off state employees and cut services to balance the budget.