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  • Reading, Writing, Ripoff

    WXYZ-TV report that "this series of stories sparked the beginning of a major investigation into mismanagement and theft within the Detroit School District. We discovered school supplies were being ripped off from warehouses and sold on the streets. We heard many schools were so low on supplies, teachers were spending their own money to ensure that students got the essentials."
  • (Untitled)

    The Lexington Herald-Leader reveals that special districts that charge fees or tax to provide water sewer or emergency services are largely unmonitored and unaccountable; finds that they are full of conflicts of interest, nepotism and questionable spending, Dec. 11 - 18, 1994.
  • Swiftmud

    WTVT aired a three part series that detailed spending practices at the Southwest Florida Water Management District, better known as Swiftmud. The agency is one of five regional water agencies in Florida charged with settling disputes between governments, deciding who can build or develop wetlands and establish water rationing or usage limits. After the series, state representatives called for a commission to study the situation, Feb. 14 - 17, 1994.
  • (Untitled)

    The city of San Francisco spent far more per resident on basic city service than any other large city in California. If it reduced its spending to the average, the city would save $360 million. San Francisco spen enought on its health department to send evey low-income resident to a health maintenance organization plus give them $1000 in cash every year. With tree toppers who start at $43,000 ad the mayor who makes $139,000, San francisco's wages far exceed those of other government employees in the San Francisco Bay Area-by enough to cost the city $100 million a year. The number of city workers making more than $100,000 has swollen nearly 2000 percent in five years, jumpig from 10 to 200.
  • (Untitled)

    The Chicago Reporter documents the number of computers in use in school districts and finds that the Chicago Public Schools have more computers than suburban school districts. The paper found that the city's tally is due to local schools having more spending authority under the 1989 school reform law and city schools using state and federal poverty fund to improve their technology, December 1994.
  • (Untitled)

    The Times Union ran a series that documents lavish spending by the head of New York's Winter Olympic facilities. The series found questionable spending on luxurious cars, contracts and jobs for his children, among other things. The spending went on without check by the state Department of Environmental Conservation and the Olympic Regional Development Authority, due to the fact that Ned Harkness had ties to Gov. Mario Cuomo, Oct. 23 - 24, 1994.
  • (Untitled)

    The Daily Southern examined Illinois' school funding which has created a wide disparity in spending per pupil across the state; the paper found that despite a call for a high quality education system for all students, lawmakers created a system that does not provide even a minimally adequate education for thousands of children, April - November 1994.
  • Secrets of the Chamber

    The Herald-Journal's 11 - part computer-assisted investigation provided the first detailed account of legislative spending in New York. The best-staffed, best-paid Legislature in the country spends taxpayers' money on everything from popcorn and paper cups to high-speed computers and high-priced Lincolns.
  • (Untitled)

    Time Magazine looks into the rise in reported cases of domestic violence in military families. Time finds spousal abuse is occurring in one of every three Army families each year--double the civilian rate. Report prodded Congress to boost spending for the Pentagon's domestic-abuse prevention program, 1994.
  • Million Dollar Babies

    WFLA-TV investigates a problem doctor. A group of AIDS patients had complained about him to that state which failed to do anything about him. The investigation finds incomplete medical records, patients were charged for procedures they did not receive and were given medication they did not need. As a result of the story, the state obtained an emergency restriction of the doctor's license and is moving towards suspending or revoking his license, Nov. 28 - Dec. 2, Dec. 8, 1994.