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    Newsday (Long Island, N.Y.) details the spending of the New York state legislature; finds unlimited expense accounts, generous staff salaries and pension benefits into the hundreds of millions of dollars.
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    Chicago Tribune runs series examining spending at Chicago-area hospitals, finding waste and profiteering at some resulting in greater expense for the ill as well as the healthy.
  • A Congressman, a Plane Ride and the Budget

    New York Times article traces background of congressional spending bill item designed to cut budget of Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency; Rep. Charles Wilson, who inserted the provision, was once denied a ride for his girlfriend in one of the agency's planes.
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    Lewiston (Idaho) Morning Tribune examines the $64 million funding crisis in Idaho's Medicaid program that threatened nursing home care for 2,900 elderly and mentally disabled residents; the series shows how the system is rife with loopholes in spending limits, fraudulent claims and inspection violations.
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    Florida Times-Union and Jacksonville Journal investigation of a community college reveals spending irregularities on entertainment and travel; finds a questionable international education program.
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    Cincinnati Enquirer looks at the spending irregularities and waste of federal tax funds in that city's anti-poverty program; abuses include administering funds to those not eligible for assistance as well as profit making from funds held in bank account.
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    Atlantic Monthly in-depth article examines the state of American defense and cost effectiveness of defense spending.
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    The Record (Hackensack, N.J.) article says,a N.J. representative illegally received about $7,000 in campaign contributions from part-time congressional employees; also, the representative juggled payroll to beat congressional spending limits.
  • Only 10 percent of the space exploration data has even been looked at

    Wall Street Journal article says despite spending billions on space exploration, only 10 percent of the data gathered has even been looked at, and only one percent analyzed.
  • New York Telephone Co.'s alleged overspending and regulation of itself

    Post-Standard (Syracuse) takes a critical look at New York Telephone Co.'s alleged overspending and regulation of itself.